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  1. thumpersk_a

    Best gas grill for the money?

    This is the gas grill I use. Stock photo. I love the built in smoker box with dedicated burner and the hide away rotisserie motor. I've had mine for 7 years and never had any problems. Recently got a traeger lone star and installed a external smoker box to do cold smoking. I do love the traeger...
  2. thumpersk_a

    How many brews have you dumped??

    Ive dumped 2 batches. First was a cherry wine with a nasty infection. Second was an Aviator Doppelbock clone that was lagering, my ohmbrew fermostat malfunctioned and stuck with the heater on. I came home and found my lager at 126F. Yard fertilizer. Stick with it try not to get discouraged. I...
  3. thumpersk_a

    Wedding beer?

    Thanks to Edwort.
  4. thumpersk_a

    Wedding beer?

    I made quite a few kegs of beer for my wedding last year and everyone loved these two recipes
  5. thumpersk_a

    Barnwood Keezer

    Very nice keezer. One thing i regretted was i used the same caster wheels and they bought the farm shortly after the build was complete. Get 3-4 kegs, co2, nitro tank it gets heavy fast. Might save you a headache later. :mug:
  6. thumpersk_a

    Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter

    x2 on The Abyss Stout. Its wonderful stuff.
  7. thumpersk_a

    Ohmbrew automations fermostat

    I have a fermostat dual stage controller with 12" probe. I have used it for 4-5 beers now. I have had good results until recently. I had a Lager going at 54F and leave town for work and return after being gone for 2 days. When i go check my brew i find it sitting at 126F. The controller stuck in...
  8. thumpersk_a

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Sweet milk stout please All grain. Unmilled
  9. thumpersk_a

    Water profile after ward labs test

    Ok I appreciate your help and knowledge on this post, thank you.
  10. thumpersk_a

    Water profile after ward labs test

    This water is straight out of our subdivisions well. It is run through the chlorination station and piped to our houses. I have no softener. I wonder if that high of sodium can have adverse health affects? So this water shouldn't be used for brewing due to sodium?
  11. thumpersk_a

    Water profile after ward labs test

    Hello all. I finally ordered a water profile test from ward labs. I tried using bru'n water but it doesn't work on mobile devices I guess. I don't have a computer to use. I'm going to post my water profile because I have no idea where to go from here to adjust my profile. I know it depends on...
  12. thumpersk_a

    Northern Brewer

    Sounds like dead yeast to me
  13. thumpersk_a

    A happy little accident?

    Call it "Skewed N Screwed" ale
  14. thumpersk_a

    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    Locomotive engineer here
  15. thumpersk_a

    Minimal Carbonation in Kegs

    One thing i do is hook a pressure gauge to the keg post to check pressure before i walk away, just to be sure that the regulator is accurate. Might be worth checking into. Go get a low pressure gauge for accuracy. I use a 30psi gauge and sometimes a digital tire pressure gauge to check manifold...
  16. thumpersk_a

    Northern Brewer

    I've used NB for 99% of my orders but recently found they give free shipping on orders overy 59.00. I'm not affiliated with them just a pleased customer. Don't think I've ever had an order under 60.00 so what is there to loose? NB seems to me like they have to always have the...
  17. thumpersk_a

    It's soo much better with the right water!!!

    Who do you all use for water testing? Do they send you a vial or do you provide your own? Im just curious, as this is my next step. Just bought a house and its on a subdivision well and i need to see where my water is for brewing. Thanks