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  1. RickS

    Whirlfloc and carrageenan risk

    AKA Food Babe
  2. RickS

    home made sanitiser

    Just use the bleach as the sanitizer, if you don't have Star-San, just do not mix anything with it, and rinse very well.
  3. RickS

    Worms in the bung

    Clean and sanitize the 6.5 gal plastic bucket, use this for primary fermentation. The 5 gal carboy that is in your kit is used for secondary fermentation. I have the same kit. You got a 6.5 gal fermentation bucket, a 6.5 gal botteling bucket with spigot, a 5 gal boil kettle, a auto siphon...
  4. RickS

    When to first check the final gravity

    Wihtout lnowing what kind of beeer it is, I don't think that you will get much help. However, Check for Final gravity when the fermentation slows to almost no bubbleing.
  5. RickS

    Beginner extract brewing howto

    Every time that I steep grains the grain bag does not touch the bottom of the pot. I floats so there is no danger of burning. I have even tried to get it to sink to the bottom, but it just floats right back up.
  6. RickS

    Confusion over open fermentation!

    Do you have an airlock on the lid? If you do then fill the airlock to the line with Star-San or Vodka, and seal the bucket.
  7. RickS

    Indoor Brewing - Clearing The Air

    Great information Screwy.
  8. RickS

    Indoor Brewing - Clearing The Air

    Great information Screwy.
  9. RickS

    Need advice on gravity readings

    I like to keep the room that I am fermenting in around 68 F.
  10. RickS

    Need advice on gravity readings

    RDWHAHB, Room temp seems a little high, but it should be fine. Let it sit for another 21 days then check your FG. While waiting for the yeast to finish get yourself a sample jar for your hydrometer and a wine thief for taking the sample. You want to keep the fermenting bucket closed as much...
  11. RickS

    What craft brew are you drinking

    Bell's Oberon
  12. RickS

    Last HomeBrewTalk Swag Giveaway for the Summer - Open to All!

    Thank you for such a fantastic forum. I am interested
  13. RickS

    Making Soda at Home - The Giveaway!

    I have never won anything, so I might as well give this one a try too.
  14. RickS

    Show your BIAB Stand/Set up

    That insulation is called Reflectix.
  15. RickS

    Brewing outside?

    The only way that one of my beers would be "skunked' is if one sprayed my pot while I was brewing.
  16. RickS

    How do you clean your bags?

    I was wondering why he would sanitize the bag. It is used before the boil, so anything that would get into the boil would be sterilized by the boil.
  17. RickS

    Priming sugar???

    You could use carbonation drops that you add directly to the bottle and then fill the bottle and cap it.
  18. RickS

    BIAB with 8 gallon kettle

    Go to for some more help with BeerSmith 2. There is a Stickie here:,5140.0.html that helps get you through setting up your equipment.
  19. RickS

    Miller Lite Commercial

    Has anyone seen the Miller Lite commercial where they state, "Brewed for 21 days"? Aren't most beers brewed for that length of time or more?