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  1. mcnewcp

    What is your fermentation vessel?

    I currently brew in a one gallon glass jar, but I want to start making more kombucha per batch. I was considering brewing right in my 5 gallon keg, but I'd heard the acidic environment may still corrode the stainless steel. I've also considered a brewing bucket, but I've heard leaching may be...
  2. mcnewcp

    Silicone waterless air locks?

    I was just wondering if any of you have tried these and what your thoughts are on them. I'm looking for a way to keep my long term brews from pulling in sanitizer every time they see a small temp fluctuation.
  3. mcnewcp

    ECY 19 brettanomyces custersianus

    Has anyone had any luck using brett cust by itself yet? I just got my hands on a bottle and wanted to see what others were doing with it. I'll probably end up doing something hoppy and pale to let the fruitiness shine.
  4. mcnewcp

    ECY19 Brettanomyces Custersianus

    Has anyone had any luck using brett cust solo yet? I just got my hands on a bottle of this and was wondering what others have done so far. I'll probably go on the hoppy, pale side and let that fruitiness shine.
  5. mcnewcp

    Nashville, TN Wards Lab Report

    Here are the results from the Wards Lab test of my tap water, in case anyone is curious. I live in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, TN. All results are in ppm. Na - 7 K - 2 Ca - 30 Mg - 7 Total Hardness (as CaCO3) - 104 NO3 (as N) - 0.3 SO4 (as S) - 15 (making true SO4 - 45) Cl - 9...
  6. mcnewcp

    What's the deal with summit?

    Has anyone ever made a single hop beer with summit? I've heard about the onion/garlic concern with summit but it seems that not everyone agrees on that one and I've yet to come across someone who's made a brew with nothing but summit. I've been on a single hop APA kick lately and I was...
  7. mcnewcp

    APA Grain Bill

    I need a good grain bill for an APA that I can use to test several different hop bills. I want the malt profile to be simple and fairly restrained. I prefer to stay away from the candy like sweetness of caramel/crystal malts. The beer will be fermented with either WLP001 or Wyeast 1056...
  8. mcnewcp

    Single Hop APA

    Hey guys, I want to start making some single hop APAs to really be able to investigate certain hops, also they can be amazing in a simple flavor sort of way (have you ever tried Zombie Dust by 3 floyds?). I'm trying to line out a generic grain bill that I'll use for each and hop schedule and...
  9. mcnewcp

    Sour Milk Stout

    I've recently brewed a milk stout which I racked onto some cocoa nibs and while prepping to bottle it today (~1 month in secondary) I think it may be infected. I'm planning on just letting it go and see what it tastes like, but I was wondering if anybody had experience tasting a soured...
  10. mcnewcp

    Black Saison?

    I've had a couple commercial examples of a Black Saison and I'm ready to make one. My recipe is mostly based on a successful saison recipe I've worked on combined with a successful black IPA recipe I've worked on, but I'd love to hear your feedback. 10.5 lb Belgian Pils (2-row) 75% 12 oz...
  11. mcnewcp

    I want to talk about filtration

    Brewers, As an avid homebrewer, I've always kept my beer unfiltered for various reasons. The only thing I remove is hop solids, post boil. I've recently discussed this issue with a friend who dumps it all into the fermenter, hop solids and all, and he swears by it. I've always thought that...
  12. mcnewcp

    Lactobacillus Brevis

    Hey guys, Does anybody know where I can get ahold of some lactobacillus brevis? I'd like to use it to make a Berliner Weiss, instead of the more common delbrueckii. Thanks
  13. mcnewcp

    Lager Bottling Questions

    Brew Community, I'm a long time ale brewer, but I recently made my first lager after acquiring some fridge space. It's a dry hopped amber using WLP833. After primary it was racked and has been lagering for about 3 weeks now and tastes ready. I have a couple questions regarding bottle...
  14. mcnewcp

    Best Use of Cocoa Nibs

    Brew people, I've recently come across ~0.5 lb of cocoa nibs from our amazing local chocolate shop here in Nashville called Olive and Sinclair and I definitely need to utilize them in a brew. The obvious choice would be a nice black chocolate stout, but I rarely dabble in dark beers so I...
  15. mcnewcp

    Lager Yeast Starter

    Brew People, I'm a long time ale brewer, but I'm about to make my first lager loosely based around the Brooklyn Lager recipe in the most recent BYO and I've got a few questions for you all. Should I hold the starter temp at the fermentation temp or allow it to go ambient like an ale...
  16. mcnewcp

    Best US 2-Row?

    Brew dudes, I've always used Briess 2-row from my LHBS in making my APAs and IPAs, but I recently switched to Rebel Brewer when I realized how close it was to me (I live in Nashville) and I have access to way more types of grain. Having never had the option to choose between types of US...
  17. mcnewcp

    Sour Saison Help

    Hey guys, I have an excellent blueberry saison recipe that I brew regularly and I want to make a sour version of this for a friend's wedding coming up in about a year. I've never brewed with any funk before, but I have been dying to lately. I usually use WLP565 to ferment this brew down...
  18. mcnewcp

    Sour Saison Question

    Fellow brew dudes, I have a dynamite blueberry saison recipe that I've brewed a few times and it always gets excellent feedback from my drinkers. My good friend is getting married in about a year and he's a huge fan of sours, so I was curious about brewing up a version of this recipe with...
  19. mcnewcp

    Black IPA Question

    I've been growing pretty fond of the Black IPA (American Dark Ale, Cascadian Dark Ale) style lately and I really want to try my hand in making one. I can't find much in the way of good recipes for this style and was wondering if someone could tell me what goes into making a stellar example of...
  20. mcnewcp

    Starter Opinons

    When making a yeast starter, do you prefer to use an airlock or simply a loose fitting top, like aluminum foil? I have been using a loose fitting aluminum foil cap combined with intermittent shaking, but have recently been challenged on the technique. I've been told to use an airlock, but I...