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  1. MiBeerMan

    Hoped and bourbon barrel ciders

    So I visited a local cidery yesterday that had a decent selection of cider on tap and a couple of those were one with hops and another regular cider aged 6 months in bourbon barrels. I tried both and concluded that I didn't care for the one with hops but really enjoyed the bourbon barrel one...
  2. MiBeerMan

    What is this?

    So I got a steal off Facebook yesterday . 2 six gal carboy 1 five gallon 1 three gallon 2 5 gallon buckets with lid and a ton of other wine making equipment along with 4 cases 750 bottles and 2 cases of 375. All for $75. But this is something I've never seen before and was wondering what it was
  3. MiBeerMan

    Cross evolution yeast??

    Has anybody ever heard of this yeast or ever used it. I just came from a bar that supposedly uses this for their meads and ciders. They had a Vikings blood that was excellant.
  4. MiBeerMan

    Northern Michigan blizzard recipe

    So we are having yet another winter storm here in northern michigan so i had 2 packets of us-05 yeast that i was going to use on a 6.5 gallon batch (but used notty instead) sitting in my frig. Went in to do grocery shopping before storm and special forces led me into the juice isle. Ended up...
  5. MiBeerMan

    primary fermentation carboy not full

    So I juiced around 2 bushels of apples and came up way short filling my 6.5 carboy up. I have just little over 4 gallons which is just shy of 2/3 full. How bad is this and if it is an option can i just add some store bought apple juice to fill it full? Its presently in the 24-36 hr campden...
  6. MiBeerMan

    Frozen apple cider help

    So this is my first post on this forum so Hello everyone from Northern Michigan. Question is Im new to hard cider and I just bought a gallon straight from one of our local orchards. Thing is, is that it was frozen no preservatives and unpasteurized apple cider. Is there anything i need to do to...