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  1. kozski10

    Brewing Session today

    Pigskin Porter in the works ! :mug: -Scott Koz
  2. kozski10

    Co2 Gauge question

    I just recently put my keg and Co2 tank in the refrigerator to finish carbonating. I set my gauge to 10 psi, but when I checked my gauge 24 hrs later it read 22 psi. So I bleed the kegs pressure and it pressurized back to 10 psi. Checked on it later that day and it was back up to 22 psi. So my...
  3. kozski10

    Great night for brewing

    Just felt like reporting that I'm having a great night brewing. Tonight beer is a Pyramid Snow Cap ale clone. Just finished a keg of Alpha King Pale Ale clone which was a hit and didn't last long at all. Tapped a keg of my Famous "Berkeley Brown Ale" on Sunday so I'm not out of beer by any...
  4. kozski10

    Kegging Question

    Guys, I kegged my beer 10 days ago using a third cup of corn sugar and pressurizing the keg for 2 days at 5 psi and stored at 70 degrees for 9 days. Tapped keg today and it's a little flat. At this point can I turn the PSI up to 30 and leave it till morning about 18 hrs? Will that do the...
  5. kozski10

    Disconnecting a keg

    Question: Am I able to disconnect my tapped keg for a few days to force carbonate another keg? And of course re-connect it back to the original tapped keg. Thanks. -Koz