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    PRV keg compatibility

    I'm looking at buying a 5 gallon corny keg to ferement in - I'm coming from the Picobrew world where we fermented in 1.75 (AEB?) corny kegs. I own some 4psi PRV valves from that setup, and would like to use them for spunding. Would they be compatible with other brands of kegs? I'm looking at...
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    Looks great! I'm in
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    First Impression of Clear Beer Draught System (CBDS)

    Also interested in how this works in a ferment in a keg application. I'm interested to hear how your experiences are going
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    Picobrew Pro - Manual Brewing - Modifications

    Any chance you've been able to get a picture of this bag for the picopro? even better if you are able to show how it fits in the step filter
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    Pico Pro Manual kit

    My first manual batch is in the fermenter, so still hoping for the best. I had my LHBS mill the grains for me, and they did a BIAB gap that they use on their grainfather (not sure of the exact measurement). I didn't see any loose grains or anything that made me worry about clogging the system...
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    Pico Pro Manual kit

    Great info Werew0lf! I have the one from Pico, but if I were going to order a 3rd party bag, I'd measure it so that it fit over the lip and sat open during brewing to allow better stirring.
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    Paintball tank unthreading in fridge

    Hmmm. So I used teflon tape and the wrenches on this CO2 tank, and it's been good serving a keg, transferring from FV to SV after cold crash (all with the tank just hooked up for use), but started carbing (with the tank in the fridge), and in 24 hours lost 1lb of CO2 into a 1.75g keg holding 5L...
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    Ferment in a keg PRV option

    Is there an adapter out there to attach a hose to the PRV hole on a ball lock keg to act as a blow off tube for fermenting? google is failing me...
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    Paintball tank unthreading in fridge

    I haven't broken out the wrenches yet, but will definitely this time - Was concerned about the threads on the regulator side and overtightening, so left the tools in the box and hand tightened.
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    Paintball tank unthreading in fridge

    No vibration - there is the temp change from room temp to fridge temp, but having it be fine for 2 days to start leaking on the 3rd is weird. I haven't put teflon tape on the paintball tank - didn't think it would be necessary, but sounds like a good next step. Reason for the smaller tank is...
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    Paintball tank unthreading in fridge

    I have a paintball tank attached to a mini regulator and the original plan was to put it in the fridge with the keg to force carb and serve. Twice now I've (almost) emptied the tank because of a leak where the tank screws into the regulator. The first time it totally emptied, and I was...
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    Best way to measure total emitted weight of fermentation CO2?

    In addition to what is currently available for temp control, I am envisioning something that measures CO2 to determine what stage of fermentation you are at. And then use that info to control temperature (be it glycol pump or a fridge) for the style/yeast/fermentation stage to keep things in...
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    Best way to measure total emitted weight of fermentation CO2?

    Just want to listen in on this one - I hope to be looking at a stainless conical in a year or two, and really like the idea of something like this tied into temp control... the beermkr group seem to be promising something along those lines. Alcohol content would be great, but if it can report...
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    PicoPac in Canada

    I just received a PicoPro as an upgrade from a Mr Beer system, and given limited space and young children, it seems to be a good next step in home brewing for me. My question is if anyone knows of a Canadian distributor for the PicoPaks? After shipping and customs charges from the US, I'm...
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    Advice on how to move on from Mr Beer

    Again - Thanks for all the help everyone! It looks like my plan is going to be to purchase a 1 gallon extract kit or two from Northern Brewer (Canada), and try out the extract thing. I'll do a little more research into BIAB at my scale for a followup batch. My 2 gallon pot is also my pasta...
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    Advice on how to move on from Mr Beer

    Thanks for the replies everyone, and yes the reason for trying other recipes is hopefully to improve quality :) I'll definitely look into the extract and biab approach, I think I'd like to end up with an eBIAB system in a year or so. Being new here, I've heard people reference software like...