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  1. Varroa

    Banjo burner heat shield

    I present to you my bango burner heat shield design. What do you think? Here is the link to the google sketchup I made for it.
  2. Varroa

    Repairing a wine fridge

    Hey Guys, I recently picked up a dead wine fridge (16 bottle) for free but it no longer cools. The fan runs, the lights are on but the compressor doesn't run (no sound or heat from the compressor). I opened the back to find this: When the unit is plugged in there is a green and red LED in...
  3. Varroa

    heat shield ideas?

    Hey guys, got me a new burner (banjo) and keggle and on my first test run I managed to melt the handle on the valve and cause the water in the site glass to boil. I was using a heat shield from Bobby's site on the site glass and jerry-rigged another one on the valve but that didn't help. Any...
  4. Varroa

    Problems with old stirplate

    Hey Guys, I recently got an old Fischer Scientific stir plate from a buddy. We did a yeast started on the weekend and by day two I noticed the yeast was VERY warm (38c according to my infrared thermometer). The heat was coming from the stirplate (it is a non-heated model) so I am assuming it is...
  5. Varroa

    Thinking about electric

    Hey Guys, I normally do caveman style brewing (fire) but I was thinking of doing electric in the wintertime. I am starting to plan out my setup (thanks Kal!) but I have a couple of breaker questions. First, in my brewroom/workshop/laundry room I have access to 1x120GFI outlet (the GFI is in...
  6. Varroa

    Kettle Thermometer upgrade

    Hey Guys, this is more of a question then a anything else. I recently bought a Blichmann weldless thermometer from a friend in the hopes of upgrading my no-name thermometer on my aluminium brew pot. However, when I read the instruction on the blichmann i noticed that is says to drill a 1/2 inch...
  7. Varroa

    Need some confirmation on my process

    Hey Guys, I have 6 gallons of cider that has been fermenting all winter. It recently cleared up and I am starting to think about drinking it in a month or two. I have my beer kegging system so I was planning on adding potassium sorbate to the cider and back sweeten it with apple juice...
  8. Varroa

    Cleaning up after an infection

    Hey Guys, looks like I got my first infection. I bottled a festabrew bock that had been lagering for 2 months. It tasted fine going into the bottles but after a week in the bottles it is starting to taste like vinegar. It is pretty easy to find the source (either the auto-siphon or the bottling...
  9. Varroa

    2 gallon batch using 3 gallon Mashton?

    Hey Guys, I am going to attempt a 2 gallon batch and I was wondering if I could use a 3 gallon mashtun or not? I have a SS colander that fits perfectly inside a 3 gallon cooler so I thought this would make a perfect beginner mashtun. The mash volume is 2.3 gallons and the total grain bill would...
  10. Varroa

    Is it OK to interrupt lagering?

    Hey Guys, I have bock that is happily lagering away (on week 4 now) in my one and only fermentation fridge. There is room for only 1 carboy in the fridge and I have a Belgium blonde that needs to be cold crashed in about 2 weeks. Would it be ok to pull the bock out of the fridge for a few days...
  11. Varroa

    Question about pitching dead yeast

    Hey Guys, A friend and I recently brewed a Belgium blonde triple (all grain, 6 gallons) and my buddy gave me a masson jar (1/2 full) of some wyeast 1388 he had harvested and saved from a previous batch. I pitched the yeast and after waiting a few days I realized it was dead (not signs of krausen...
  12. Varroa

    Good Temperature controller for minifridge fermentation chamber?

    Are these things any good for keeping a bar fridge temp constant?
  13. Varroa

    Do I need to Lager my Festa brew Bock after fermentation is complete?

    Hey Guys, I am doing my first sudo-lager right now. It is a Festa brew Bock (23L of pre-made wort, just add yeast). It is currently fermenting at 55f (+/- 3f) and is getting close to being complete. Once this is done should I do a short rest and then lager it? I am using S-23 yeast and I am not...
  14. Varroa

    Question about blowtube/bucket

    Hey Guys, I am fermenting a Bock at 55-58f right now and I ended up with a too-full carboy so I used a blowoff tube/bucket to save my ceiling. It worked but my question is, how often do you empty/refill the bucket? After one day the starsan/water in the bucket is covered in foam/krausen blow off...
  15. Varroa

    Can I use a old watercooler to cool a keg?

    Can it be done some how? I have a old watercooler that we no longer use, could I adapt it somehow to cool a keg? Maybe I could put the keg inside it somehow and wrap it with insulation and place cooling elements placed directly on the keg? Has this been done before?
  16. Varroa

    Temperature for S-23 yeast

    Hi Guys, just started fermenting a bock from a Festa kit (too cold to brew outside now). Are temps at about 55f ok for this yeast? Thanks
  17. Varroa

    Want to try BIAB Koelsch recipie (2 gallon)

    Hey Everybody, I have a few partial extract brews under my belt now and the weather up here is getting too cold to brew outside SO I was thinking of doing a small scale koelsch BIAB recipie. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this or what the recipie would be. Can anybody give me some input...
  18. Varroa

    Question about secondary

    Hey Guys, still learning so I have a question or two about secondaries. I am making a hard cider from fresh pressed apples and I would like to know when to rack to my secondary? Do you do it after fermentation is complete or do you give it some time on the Lees for the yeast to clean up? Also...
  19. Varroa

    Did I get some wild yeast/bad bacteria in my cider?

    Hey Guys, long story short. I bought 23 litres of fresh pressed unpasteurized cider (OG 1.051) a couple weeks ago. I put 19 litres in a glass carboy with some sugar, honey and S-04 and it is happily bubbling away after 2 weeks now (thick krausen like foam on top). The remaining 4 litres went...
  20. Varroa

    Head space question and carbonation

    Hey Everybody, I recently bottled a sparkling hard cider. When I cam to my final bottle I only had enough to fill about 2/3 of the 1litre bottle. Now I am using this bottle to check for carbonation before pasteurizing and I had a question. I opened the bottle after a few days to check on the...