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  1. caiafa

    great free fermenting option

    Just seen some of these at my local beer joint. Got one and removed the plastic spear quite easily. I'm still waiting to brew the next batch and see how it performs. I guess it might get a few scratches after some uses, but it seems I could get and endless supply of...
  2. caiafa

    Experiences with my first lambic

    I made a lambic two months ago and pitched some Roeselare and Trapist High Gravity. The beer is now at 0.999 and quite sour. I would say it has 80% of the Rodenbach grand cru sourness. I'm planning to transfer half of it on some sour cherries and the other on raspberries. Do you think is too...
  3. caiafa

    new to lambics

    I brewed a base for a Kriek on 24 april, which had a starting gravity of 1.053. It was brewed in two batches, on mashed at about 70°C, the other one at 64°C (but I have extracted about 20% of the mash liquid 5 minutes after adding the grain and brough to boil - sort of a turbid mash). In the...