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  1. BrewmeisterSmith

    Boilermaker Mash Tun-WTF????

    Okay, so a friend of mine bought a top tier system from blichmann. It has three kettles. We ran it for the first time today and made a 10 G batch. I had a lot of trouble keeping a consistent mash temp, unlike my insulated cooler. It seems that from my research there is a TON of work involved in...
  2. BrewmeisterSmith

    Nickle metal taste- dump or save

    I rarely get off flavors strong enough for me to consider dumping a batch. but I made the 15 minute cascade pale ale, which I've had great success at before. I get a metal almost nickle taste on the back of my tongue. I usually dry hop in the keg. when I keg, I use the rinse and repeat method...
  3. BrewmeisterSmith

    Saving yeast cake

    This may have been done or is an over played topic. I've never done this so don't burn me at the stake. Just curious if there are a few folks out there doing this and making it work. I just made an IPA with WLP 001. Tasted great. Flawless in fact. So, I took the yeast cake and poured it into a...
  4. BrewmeisterSmith

    force carbonating at room temp?

    I havent had much luck finding a chart out there that shows psi, desired carbonation levels, temperatures AND days/hours. Sorry if this has been asked a million times before. I have a full kegerator right now and two kegs sitting in my brew room full (just kegged). I dont need the two kegs...
  5. BrewmeisterSmith

    5 gallons wort + 2 gallons water = ?

    I'm going to be getting 5 gallon of wort from a brewery for a local competition. I want to end up with 5.5 gallons in my fermentor. If the 5 gallons of wort is 1.050 and I add 2 gallons of water to bring up the volume, I'll need add X amount of DME to get the final gravity to 1.065 for the IPA...
  6. BrewmeisterSmith

    chill haze removal in keg- clarification

    I'm trying to think of ways to get my beer to clear faster. I find that in about 3 weeks, I have some of the clearest beer ever. But it takes 3 weeks. Some people say that it's just a matter of preference and that chill haze doesn't impact flavor. I beg to differ. When there is yeast in...
  7. BrewmeisterSmith

    Peanut off flavor..why??

    I made an IPA for a homebrew competition a while back. The brewery gives you the wort, you take it home and make it what you will. It had a peanut finish. I Just made a two hearted clone and it has the same after taste. Out of my 6 years of brewing this has only happened the two times. What can...
  8. BrewmeisterSmith

    0-300 PSI gauge- need help reading it

    I came across this regulator for cheap. Only problem is the PSI gauge. 0-300 is hard to read. I'm ordering a new one, but in the mean time, I have two kegs that I'd like to set at 10-12 psi until then. My challenge is figuring out what the lines represent between 0-50. I can only assume that the...
  9. BrewmeisterSmith

    Beer in 2 weeks

    So, I just got back from touring a new brewery in town. Their beers were flavorful, no off flavors, tasted true to style, etc. When I asked questions about their process, here is what i gathered. Ferment 1-2 weeks. Cold crash 2 days around 50-55 degrees. Drop to 40 degrees for 24 hours, then...
  10. BrewmeisterSmith

    Arbor Brewing Buzzsaw Clone

    I'm newly turned on to Arbor Brewing Company's Buzzsaw IPA. Below is a description, followed by my thoughts on replicating a recipe. I'd love some input here. Let me know your thoughts....if you have tasted the real thing. P&T. Arbor Brewing Company's description: ABV 7.1 IBU 50 OG: 1.066...
  11. BrewmeisterSmith

    Do all Brown ales overcarbonate?

    I've brewed a few brown ales over time. The ones I put in keg, turn out perfect. However, all the ones I put in bottles end up over carbonated. I typically use 3/4 cup corn sugar in a 5 gallon batch. Then store around 70degrees until they are ready. About two weeks. They stay at this temp, maybe...
  12. BrewmeisterSmith

    Old Chest Freezer For Lagering?

    My folks offered me their 35 year old chest freezer for free. I was thinking about putting a temp control on it and using it as a lagering chamber. I already have a 7-8 cubic ft chest freezer that I converted into a Keezer. My question is, how much energy do you think this old freezer would...
  13. BrewmeisterSmith

    Recipe that uses Canadian Redvine?

    Does anyone have a recipe that they have has success with that uses Canadian Redvine hops? I have a ton of them that someone gave me (whole hops), but I cannot find any recipe in existence on the internet. Cheers.
  14. BrewmeisterSmith

    Pilsner Urquell - Kolsch Ale?

    I really love Pilsner Urquell. Probably because of the Saaz. I don't have the equipment or patience to lager something. Could this be done as a Kolsch and use a similar hop schedule? My thought is that since Kolsch yeast fermented at lower temps (perhaps in the basement at 60-65) would produce a...
  15. BrewmeisterSmith

    Priming sugar in keg-need advice on technique

    I need advice from those out there who successfully use priming sugar in their kegs. My current process is to ferment the beer for about two weeks, then keg and bottle. I brew 10g batches, so I do both. I put the bottles away at room temp for two weeks (primed). I put the Keg on gas in the...
  16. BrewmeisterSmith

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Coconut Cream Stout-competition runner up

    Ingredients Grain: 14 lbs Briess 2 row pale malt (maris otter is great too!) 3 lbs Briess white wheat malt 2 lbs Briess Caramel 60L 1.5 lbs Muntons Chocolate Malt (345L) 1 lb roasted barley (300L) Mash grains at 152 for 60 minutes. Hops: 1.5 oz US Magnum 14.7AA at 60 min Other additives: 1...
  17. BrewmeisterSmith

    The Axe Wife- Blonde Ale

    Ingredients Grain: 21 lbs of briess two row pale malt Mash at 152 degrees for 60 minutes. Then batch sparge to volume. I like to sparge with 185 degree water to a pre-boil volume of 12.5 gallons. I use a keggle as my boil kettle. Also, I use a water ratio of 1.25 qts per gallon. Hops: 1...
  18. BrewmeisterSmith

    Need Sorachi Ace clone recommendation

    Greetings, I'm looking for a good Sorachi Ace clone recommendation. I've seen many recipes online, but other than having SA hops, the recipes are completely different from one another. Can anyone make a recommendation based on experience? My plan is to scale it down to about 5%, so I can enjoy...
  19. BrewmeisterSmith

    Pick Axe Blonde attempt- need advice

    I've been brewing extract attempts at the Keewenaw Pick Axe Blonde and want to try to get this more perfected. What I know is that it's a single malt. I emailed the brewer a while back and he said to use Perle for bittering and a Saaz finish. The can says that it's kissed with hops. I'm...
  20. BrewmeisterSmith

    Has anyone brewed White Labs recipes?

    I'm curious if anyone has brewed any of the recipes on the White Labs website. Some of the recipe's look fairly decent. I'd love to hear feedback on how they turned out if anyone has.