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  1. chezzesteak

    Temp Display

    so i want digital display of my temps but not to control anything. so on another thread i found these.. trying to look for something just like it...
  2. chezzesteak

    New advice

    Trying to set up a control panel and have no clue on electricity so I have hired my buddy, for beer of course, to help me. I am more interested in a digital read out of my temps rather than it to fire on something or maybe I should just include that as well? He says he has no problem with...
  3. chezzesteak

    FS OR TRADE XBOX 360 and all Gear

    maybe a wierd posting on HBT but i am selling my Xbox 360 to parlay it into some brewing equipment so i figured i might get some takers to trade or buy it from here. my old xbox 360 went out so i bought a new one 3 months or so ago and have played it a total of 30 mins. this is the newer...
  4. chezzesteak

    New Yeast Manufacter

    Nobody use this? Just saw it at a lhbs in SD and the praised it very well. Cheap also
  5. chezzesteak


    Tap Handle... bring me all offers. i dont want it and frankly think the beer is overated but i got this from a bar and like my wood ones better. i have no clue what its worth so i am open to trades, cash, etc...
  6. chezzesteak

    Can Someone please tell me this will be ok

    sick and tired of bad batches. this is a american pale that i did late sat night. went to pitch yeast this morning and this is what it looked like. kept in ferm chamber at 65. pitched yeast anyways.
  7. chezzesteak

    Ferm Question/Help Needed

    have a couple of questions to help streamline my process.. for the first time in 1 year i finally have a problem. i have too much beer done fermenting and not enough corney kegs, bottles, time to drink, etc...:ban: i have some beers that are now done fermenting, yes i checked the gravity...
  8. chezzesteak

    BLC- Beer Line Cleaner

    does this stuff hold? i love it and love cleaning my parts with it but i now have 4 gallons of it, on accident, i wondered if i can keep it in a spare keg to use in a few weeks?
  9. chezzesteak

    Suck my citra ipa

    took lots of recipes off here and figured i would put in my input. this one i just racked and man oh man is it good. the aroma is like walking in to a citrus grove. very good IPA and will come a staple of tap.
  10. chezzesteak

    Wtb boil kettle

    WTB a 10 gallon or so boil kettle. would like for it to have 1 ball valve for draining to chiller. post what you have and include shipping to 85234. Stainless please.
  11. chezzesteak

    What is this

    help!!!! what is this and whats this caused from? i brewed two batches yesterday and the other one is not like this..
  12. chezzesteak

    Rye help

    i am intrested in brewing sometype of rye beer . extract brewer but i do mini mashes and such. i dont recall ever having a rye beer but i have been reading alot about rye latey and would like to get somehting going. can anybody recommened a nice rye beer commercial that i can go buy on to...
  13. chezzesteak

    What Do You Think of Recipe

    brewing my first original recipe although it is way basic so i am sure somebody has done something close if not the same before. What do you guys think 5 gal batch 6 lbs extra light dry extract 1 lb light extract 1 lb american 2 row pale ale .5 lb of crystal 10L 1 oz Magnum for 30...
  14. chezzesteak

    Beer Stand

    hey guys, i have a buddy that runs a welding school and he has asked me for a project for his class. so guess what! i get a brew stand. i am i need of some help making a decent brew stand. right now i have brewed about 4 batches all extract on the stove top in wifes kitchen but i want to go to...
  15. chezzesteak


    After doing some studies and reading on refractos i just sick and tired of using a hydrometer and wasting a couple oz of beer everytime i am going to go to a refractometer. any success stories or brands that people have luck with. i for sure want to get one with ATC so i dont have to worry about...
  16. chezzesteak

    What to do now?

    beer is done fermenting, 2 weeks ago, put in secondary fermenter one week ago. Do i start bottling? spec gravity is right on the money and it looks real nice. how do you mix the sugar in with the beer? do you put in bucket first then siphon beer out of carboy into bottiling bucket or do you...
  17. chezzesteak

    IS this worth the Money?[url] not mine but intrested in buying it...