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  1. daryk77

    Cooler Mash tun Conversion Question QUICK!

    So my buddy and I are making our mash tun out of a 45 quart Rubbermaid rectangular cooler, since we could not find a 10 gallon cylinder cooler. We are following the instructions listed here and we have two questions, 1) does anyone know if the spigot is the same size on our rectangular cooler...
  2. daryk77

    Special B Malt, how much?

    So my LHBS only carries belgian malts and one malt I have is special B. I am looking to make a red/ Amber and will be using Wyeast 1056 american. Any thoughts as to how much to use for a 5 gal batch? I was thinking around 1/2 pound and nothin else. Probably going to make it fairly hoppy as well...