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  1. Nuggethead

    First brew with water build

    Today was my maiden voyage brewing with RO/Distilled and additives. My numbers are all verified using a TDS meter and MW102 PH meter. The brew is a West Coast style Pale Ale @ 1.060 O.G and IBU's @48 The profile using Bru'n Water is CA=91 Sodium=8 Sulfate=148 CL=55 Bi Carb=16...
  2. Nuggethead

    RO water adjustment critique

    I'm trying to improve on my IPA's hop flavor and bitterness by adjusting RO water. I have previously only used bottled spring waters with barely acceptable results, so this is a first attempt using Bru'n Water. I'm leaning towards the more bitter side but not to high in Sulfate for a first try...
  3. Nuggethead

    New at water adjustment

    With EZ Water calculator, and using RO water, do you enter the starting water profiles as "0" and show the % of RO or Distilled as 100%. Or do you actually have the RO tested to obtain the entries. This is new to me as I have not needed to mess with water chemistry until now.
  4. Nuggethead

    Beer Gas or CO2 ?

    Beer Gas vs. C02, which is better for Stout's and why. Thinking about adding a stout faucet and beer gas to my keezer, but only if it makes a big difference in taste and quality of pour.
  5. Nuggethead

    New Toy for Nuggethead

    Thought I would take a break from beer talk to show off my new ride. 2011 HD FLHX 103 Streetglide :D :D :D
  6. Nuggethead

    3068 Weihenstephan

    I have a German Hefe in primary using this yeast at around 68F and it's been going for 14 days so far. It had enormous blow off the first 48 hours then settled, but after 14 days, it still looks like a jacuzzi. Never had fermentation this vigorous for this long before. Still looks good and...
  7. Nuggethead

    Not so "dry" hopping

    I was discussing dry hopping with a friend today and he asked what my procedure was for using whole hops. Afterward, he told me that his technique worked well and that I should try it, but I haven't heard of this before and wonder if anyone else does it. He takes a half ounce of whole hops...
  8. Nuggethead

    How much foam is considered good

    I see alot of post concerning problems with excessive foam, but what is considered to be the perfect amount of foamy head on normal American style ales.
  9. Nuggethead

    Strong acidic taste

    I tapped a keg of Red Ale that has been aging a month or so. I hooked up with new 10'-3/16 beer lines that I cleaned with PBW, rinsed with hot water, and rinsed again with Starsan. I poured a pint and it had a very strong acidic type hit to it. I figured it was from not enough rinse after...
  10. Nuggethead

    Dry hopping and Cold crashing

    After dry hopping with whole hops, will cold crashing send them to the bottom and make racking easier or will they still float. I usually rack while they're floating and wrap the cane with a filter bag and always end up plugged. Racking from above would be easier but don't know if it will work.
  11. Nuggethead

    Checking a new system

    I'm putting together a new dual regulator system and have a question about leak checking. Once the regulator assembly is together and ready, I connected to the bottle, turned on the main valve, turned off the keg supply shut-offs and pressurized the assembly to 25psi. Checked all the joints with...
  12. Nuggethead

    Can beer ferment to quickly

    Since I began making starters, my beers have shown visible fermentation in as little as 3 hours with very active fermentation lasting 48 hours. After around 72 hours ( in some cases) visible fermentation seems to drop off to almost nothing and final gravity is reached in 4 to 5 days. Although I...
  13. Nuggethead

    Kettles and false bottoms

    I use a converted keg as my boil kettle. It has a 1/2" copper tubing pick-up that is just off center to facilitate whirlpooling after the boil. My problem is I always experience clogs when using whole hops during the boil. Filter screens, scrubbies and hop bags placed on the pick-up make matters...
  14. Nuggethead

    Seeing a big difference with starters

    Recently started making 1250ml starters for all my brews. Prior to this, I always pitched a swollen smack pack directly and start times were around 12-18 hours with visible fermentation lasting 7-10 days. Now, with my stir plate starters, my average start times are around 4 hours and visible...
  15. Nuggethead

    Nuggethead says Thanks

    Hello all, just upgraded, never posted here before now, always found what I needed by surfing the info. Recently went A/G from partial mash and have had great results due to all the info on HBT. Felt guilty using all the info for free and figured the least I could do was join. Happy Brewing.:mug: