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  1. jmulligan

    Pickled watermelon rind

    I tried pickled watermelon rind yesterday for the first time and LOVED it! Now I'm on a quest to find a good recipe. I'm checking Google and food blogs, but I thought I'd see if any of the DIY foodies here have any recipes or experience with them. Thanks! :mug:
  2. jmulligan

    High intensity interval training (HIIT)

    Just did my first running HIIT session 2 days ago and my body is STILL sore! :drunk: I was curious to see if anyone on here does or has done it in the past. I want to use it mostly for weight-loss, and am starting out inside, on a treadmill.
  3. jmulligan

    IIPA advice

    Making my second IPA this weekend. My main desired advice here is hop schedule. I have: 3 oz. Amarillo pellets 8.0%AA 3 oz. Simcoe plugs 12.9%AA 1 oz. Centennial pellets 9.0%AA unlimited Cascade pellets (AA unknown) unlimited Sterling pellets (AA unknown) Suggestions? I am doing...
  4. jmulligan

    Another WTF moment

    Would you ask Charlie Papazian how to get a sanke tap onto your Miller Lite keg? Exactly. I am going to see EO Wilson give a lecture this evening. If you don't know who EO Wilson is (and most people outside of science/biology don't), he is the grandaddy of sociobiology, a very important...
  5. jmulligan

    Texas, your savior is here!

    Chuck Norris is ready to help Texas secede and become its new President!
  6. jmulligan

    Stupid tv show water-cooler talk

    Seriously, I don't give a f*** what happened on The Bachelor last night. I don't have tv, I've told you this every time you ask me "Oh did you see Dancing with the Stars?", do you watch "I love New York?" NO. Believe me, I am dim-witted enough as it is (at times), I don't need freaking...
  7. jmulligan

    Psychotic Exes Thread

    Ok, so in recent threads discussing nuptial bliss (or a complete lack thereof), it has struck me that there are a large number of brewers here that are married for a second time, more happily so. A common theme seems to be that the ex-wives were psychotic (mood swings, violence, constant...
  8. jmulligan

    Any C.R.A.B.S. members? (Md homebrew club)

    I just wanted to see if any CRABS members were on HBT. I think I'm going to go to the next meeting and see if I like actually talking to real live people (!) about homebrew. :mug:
  9. jmulligan

    Which rye beers should I try?

    I tasted a rye beer that Brewsmith made, and absolutely loved it. Since then, I bought Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye, and enjoyed that too. I want to try a few more to determine if I really like ryes well enough to make 5 gallons (especially since HWMO doesn't like them). Any suggestions of...
  10. jmulligan

    Where to go in Santa Ana, CA and San Francisco, CA

    So - heading out to CA on business (then pleasure) from Jan 11 through Jan 18. The first leg of the trip will be in Santa Ana/Irvine. Good recommendations of brew pubs to hit? Any good bottle stores? Jan 15 we head up to San Francisco (via either rental car or bus, still working that out)...
  11. jmulligan

    Band Aid song - Do They Know It's Christmas

    Okay, aside from the total lameness of this song, I get that they were trying to raise money/awareness/whatever for Africans. But srsly, I HATE that title and line: Do they know it's Christmas time at all? No, half-wits, they aren't Christian. Congratulations, you are officially stupid...
  12. jmulligan

    New Year's Eve is gonna blow

    ***WARNING*** Bitchy whining ahead...Proceed at your own risk. I just found out that this year's planned trip with the future in-laws to see Grandma in Detroit is embarking on Dec. 31. It is official. This will be the most boring New Year's EVER. I figured I'd already had all the dullest...
  13. jmulligan

    Southampton Saison Deluxe

    YUM! I haven't tried a ton of saisons (maybe 4 commercial versions), and overall, I liked them, but they probably weren't my favorite beers. Just popped this 750mL open and shared with HWMO. OMG I am totally in love with this beer! It is crisp, citrusy, and you can really and taste the...
  14. jmulligan

    Open bar lunch

    Woo! Just got back from an open-bar promotion lunch. Hotel reps were dressed in tarty outfits (arrrrrgh, pirates!), and the cocktails were flowing. I also just placed an order at my LHBS (a cream stout and cranberry zinger for Thxgiving) with orders for HWMO to stop and pick up the goods on...
  15. jmulligan

    Zombie pinups

    Here you go boys, two of your favorites: zombies and hot chicks. My Zombie Pinup
  16. jmulligan

    Send an "Oops, I've got an STD" e-card!

    Accidentally have unprotected sex with up to 6 partners in the past six months? Use this handy form to send out an unapologetic e-card, telling your past lovers to get tested. Finally! No more pesky phone calls AND you get to feel like you're being responsible! :ban: InSpot STD e-cards
  17. jmulligan

    Converting a PM to AG

    My first batch was a PM recipe that turned out really well. Now I'm AG, and I want to make this beer again. I used amber LME, and just wasn't sure about converting. Do I just convert the LME to 2-row and then up some of the specialty grains? Any suggestions or feedback appreciated. :mug...
  18. jmulligan

    Annapolis area...suggestions?

    I am meeting up with a few friends Friday night, and have a few choices to consider. Downtown there's the Ramshead (I wasn't impressed with what I tasted of their own beer, but they at least had a selection of other beers as well), and Galway Bay. My friends aren't necessarily beer lovers, but...
  19. jmulligan

    Happy Birthday 98EXL!

    Happy birthday! Hope there's some beer in the day for you! :mug: And good luck at your interview.
  20. jmulligan

    Sorry guys, it's not pr0n. :p Just a breast cancer awareness website, but you could send it to the SWMBO in the hopes of her letting you help her "feel her boobies." I mean, you're just concerned for her health, right? :mug: