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  1. brewcephus

    How can I salvage this batch?

    A Domino sugar cube per bottle will def give you bottle bombs. As to how to salvage the bottles, I'm not entirely sure.
  2. brewcephus

    Mississippi new brewer in Mississippi

    Welcome mwFripp!! I live in Petal myself. I'm pretty sure The Brew Kettle has closed up shop. The same owners had opened up a craft beer store here in Petal and it was only open for about 2 years when they moved over there. Personally, I drive over to Mobile to The Winesmith to buy all my...
  3. brewcephus

    4 Tap Coffin Keezer

    Yeah, I have a friend who does AC repair work and he cam out and recharged the system for me. Not only that, he drained the coolant and put R-134A coolant in in it and changed out the plug so that I could recharge it myself should this problem reappear in the future. Hope this helped...
  4. brewcephus

    looking for Black IPA recipe

    Heavenly Scourge Black IPA, Fantastic beer!
  5. brewcephus

    Substituting yeast strain in recipe: is this a good idea or bad?

    Yes, Yeast will absolutely affect the outcome of your beer. While the beer will probably still be really good, it will NOT be a true clone at that point. I have been experimenting with yeast as of late by making 10g of a recipe and pitching 2 different kinds of yeast. My most recent one was...
  6. brewcephus

    I want to oak age my barleywine

    I'm very interested in this as well. I've got some oak cubes that came with a kit that I bought, but ended up not using them because I ended up with less beer in the fermenter than planned and didn't want to waste the oak cubes on that. I am replanning the brew again, bourbon barrel porter, so...
  7. brewcephus

    Closing for the season

    I live in the south so I have the freedom to brew year round, but I have had instances, these last couple of months for example, where I have gone a couple of months without brewing because of so much going on at the time. It usually catches up with me though, since I'm now sitting on one keg...
  8. brewcephus

    Mosaic S.M.A.S.H. (yellow rose clone)

    not a full pound whirlpool :D just a full pound in this brew
  9. brewcephus

    Mosaic S.M.A.S.H. (yellow rose clone)

    this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside as I just brewed my first smash brew with almost this very same grain bill and hop schedule. Can't wait until it is ready. 10g batch 22 lbs GP 2oz 60min 3oz 10min 4oz flameout and going to do 4oz in each fermenter as a dryhop... yes, thats a full pound...
  10. brewcephus

    So it begins - Part one: Set up a pretty temperature controlled Fermentation Chamber

    Awesome! I'm currently using an old refrigerator that I had, hooked to an STC-1000, for my ferm chamber. I have 10g of a SMaSH brew that I did this weekend fermenting away in mine. Good luck with the brewing this weekend!
  11. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    Brewed this up this weekend and it's fermenting away right now at a cozy 64*. Can't wait for this one to be done as it looked and smelled wonderful. Will likely do a MO/Willamette soon. Trying to get my new keezer full so my brew partner and I have lots of brews upcoming. Also have lots...
  12. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    Well, I've had a mosaic IPA before and I really enjoyed it. Was just curious if I'm overdoing the hop schedule or if it looks ok?
  13. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    First off, sorry its taken so long to get back to this thread. Probably going to use US-05 seeing as how its what I have on hand currently and I've been too lazy to make a proper starter from the liquid yeast that I have in my fridge. So, I made a recipe in Beersmith this morning and it...
  14. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    I'll def give you a shout next time I'm headed that way. Only make the trip once/twice a year, but I'm always up to visit a fellow homebrewer! :tank:
  15. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    I was thinking Golden Promise for sure, still not certain on the hop bill. Btw, m00ps, I come through your area often as I have family that live in Fancy Farm :-)
  16. brewcephus

    4 Tap Coffin Keezer

    Updating with picture of tap handles
  17. brewcephus

    Vial Tap Handles....

    I just ordered some of those in a 6pk from amazon. took 2 days to get them and have already put them on my keezer. they are awesome, though I also have some other tap handles so I don't know how long they will stay up or if I will just rotate them.
  18. brewcephus

    Need some Ideas on a SMaSH brew

    as the title states, I need some ideas/recipes for a smash brew. I have lots of new hops in and lots of grains. What I have: Grain- 50lbs of MO and Golden Promise, 75lbs of 2-row(i brew with 2-row all the time so this one is probably out) various specialty malts, but being as this is a SMaSH...