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  1. norsk

    How did you start...?

    I began by helping a friend brew from a kit a few times with a very simple rig. Then made 3 beers from the same kits myself before reading several books and numerous articles and jumping into all grain. That was some 500 plus beers ago. Fortunately, I have several friends and a wife who...
  2. norsk

    Jaded Hydra chiller users

    I was very skeptical of the fast chill times that people have reported using the Jaded chillers. This summer was so hot it set numerous records of temps north of 100 for close to a month, and water temperature of 90 degrees, so the plate chiller just wasn't cutting it and I grew weary of the ice...
  3. norsk

    Aging beer: Facts, myths, and discussion

    Most of my beers go from grain to tap in 10 days or so, some as quick as 7 days, the Dark Belgian Strong being the exception, though even with that beer I think that the cellaring is over rated.
  4. norsk

    First All Grain Batch....Looking For Some Guidance

    It's a small world, just did my first MIAB with this same recipe a few days ago, after close to 400 brews preformed in various batch sparge and other configurations. I always use RO and adjust accordingly depending on the beer... I used 4, 5 gal strainer bags as proof of concept, and was so...
  5. norsk

    Taking a break

    What are the odds, I live in Paso right down the road, lived in Atown for 25 years. Not a fan of sours myself, but the wife loves them. Let me know if you need any help with anything. I'll go on binges when I am brewing 2-3 times a week for friends and myself, then go 4-6 weeks without brewing...
  6. norsk

    Pitched S-04 at 82 degrees

    No problem...
  7. norsk

    Pros and Cons of glass carboys

    I have been using the same 7 gal plastic buckets with a tap on the bottom for close to 8 years. Also have a SS bucket, but usually have 2 or 3 beers going at the same time. Tried the glass carboy thing one time when I first began, never saw the attraction. Works for me...
  8. norsk

    Most you’ve ever dry hopped with?

    I brew a lot of big IPA's, Pliny's, Double Jack's, etc. Rarely go over 8 oz, though often toss 2 oz in the keg. From experience there is not much to be gained by adding more. Different strokes...
  9. norsk

    Taking a break

    Where at in California, my wife loves sours? Sometimes taking a break can be a good thing...
  10. norsk

    Fly Sparging - Efficiency Suffering

    I must have said the same thing to you (In my head) numerous times many years ago when putting an end to sparging with hot water after reading your description of your evolution of batch sparging techniques...
  11. norsk

    Mini Fridge for Fermentation

    If you need more room, it is simple to make a collar out of 2X6s as you would for a kegerator. Picked up an old Kenmore which holds my 7 gal buckets nicely along with a DIY temp controller. Works better when the fridge is plugged into the controller than the plug just hanging down. Was wondering...
  12. norsk

    Dog Raiding Bird Feeder

    I'd rather make friends with the dog and train it not to raid your feeder. Easy peasy...
  13. norsk

    What do you do at your job?

    Retired therapist, NP, and president of SLO Veterans For Peace seeking to end war, use of Killer Drones, Pax Americana, and support of homeless veterans and those with PTSD and other mental health issues...
  14. norsk

    Is this a reasonable recipe?

    Have fun, and yes, boil for at least 60 min. Then spend a few hours and read as many articles and comments on this site as you can, as well as those on other sites. Soon you will be spending as much money on beer as the rest of us do... though it isn't required...
  15. norsk

    Time For Carboy?

    Personally I would leave it where it is for another week to 10 days and call it done.
  16. norsk

    Maybe not enough headspace

    ... or add a few drops of your favorite antifoaming agent.
  17. norsk

    APA Fermentation Schedule?

    Most of my APAs and IPAs are being dispensed from the keg within 10 days of brewing day. I admire the patience of so many here... Though it was once the rage, the only time I rack to secondary these days is when making our fruity Wits. Proper temp control and proper amount of yeast helps a lot...
  18. norsk

    Firestone Walker - Parabola

    Making a batch of Parabola in the next few days. We live a few miles from the Paso brewery and visit often for tastings and notes from the brewers. While visiting their HBS the other day, I picked up what I thought was a normal bottle of Parabola and was walking around the store rather casually...
  19. norsk

    Sample After 3 Days In Primary Was Insanely Bitter

    As others have noted, 3 days is kinda soon to judge. That being said, that hop schedule would be too weak for my wife... who, it must be said, has mutated taste buds...
  20. norsk

    New to force carbing

    This procedure has served me well for years....