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  1. ejr

    acid blend

    Can you use lemon juice for acid blend? If so how much ?
  2. ejr

    how many gallons of white grape peach wine made

    had to see just started my first 5 5 gallon to start
  3. ejr

    back sweetening skeeter pee with concentrate

    Has anyone done this with a recipe on how much to use to make blueberry or such to get a good flavor.I would like to do this in gallons rather than all 5 for different flavors.
  4. ejr

    erythrbic acid

    will this keep the wine from working ;im in the process of making what i call strawberry pie this is in the pie filling cant find enough information to see im sure someone here knows :confused:
  5. ejr

    skeeter pee

    thought my skeeter pee was done working down to .996 so racked it off did the final stage with stabalizer and all placed it out in the cellar to clear went out 4 days later and it had started working again i brought it back inside and its working again bubbles about every 3 min. should i...
  6. ejr


    the homebrew ive made is pretty bitter is there a yeast or different type i can try that isnt that bitter i wAS LOOKING AT NOTTINGHAM ale yeast because it stopped at 1008 figure this would help,but would have to stop at 1012 to get carbination? all help appreciated thanks
  7. ejr

    sweet wine

    ive got some wine pear wine i made and got way to sweet plus the flavor of pear isnt the greatest so im going to make another 5gallon batch of something to try to doctor it and mix together any suggestions
  8. ejr

    homebrewers dark colonial

    im sorry but this was continental dark beer from true brew i made it as my first batch i followed the instuctions exact but it came out so bitter i couldnt drink it ive already tossed it but im wondering what made it so bitter i followed the instructions it may have got infected i dont know the...
  9. ejr

    friut flavor beer

    im making some brewers best american light beer im just starting ; i got some brewers best apple flavor that says 2oz per 5 gal can i use this just before bottling on like 1 case using 1 oz. ive got experience winemaking but none beer would this give it a good apple flavor?