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  1. caiafa

    Raw Vegan brewing.

    raw excludes fermentation I think
  2. caiafa

    What is Forbidden Fruit really good for?

    Tripels go well with forbidden fruit as well.
  3. caiafa

    The beer that got you into beer

    Boucanier Red was the first beer that seemed totally different from the ones I was drinking (usual mas market lagers).
  4. caiafa

    great free fermenting option

    Brewdog or Hacker Pschorr I suppose. Not sure. Might be Brewdog as they've been using plastic kegs for a while (but the old ones were spherical and had a bag inside the pet).
  5. caiafa

    great free fermenting option

    Just seen some of these at my local beer joint. Got one and removed the plastic spear quite easily. I'm still waiting to brew the next batch and see how it performs. I guess it might get a few scratches after some uses, but it seems I could get and endless supply of...
  6. caiafa

    15 gallon demijon. Whatch out!

    I have a couple myself. The old ones that are hand blown are very fragile. They have very thin glass in the middle region. The newer ones are quite sturdy (they are made in a mold and have constant thickness).
  7. caiafa

    So how do "real" breweries keep their yeast fresh?

    pure culture in the freezer acid wash when reusing yeast when it stops performing as it should, start again from pure culture in the freezer also reculturing from slants or similar doesn't give the yeast enough generations to mutate in a short period
  8. caiafa

    How many Carboys do you own?

    5 x 13 gal demijohns 3 x 6 gal 2 x 7 gal buckets and a couple of key kegs with the lining removed that I find rather good for fermenting stuff in them
  9. caiafa

    60 gallon flanders red

    You need to fill the barrel at once anyway, so you could start by fermenting a normal batch first, use parts of it to ferment the next ones, then add them all to the barrel. The primary fermentation should be done by the time you move the beer to the barrel anyway, as you wouldn't want a thick...
  10. caiafa

    Doing a cleanup, will this work?

    If you drop 1kg of the roast it will be drinkable, otherwise I suspect it will be way too roasty.
  11. caiafa

    How long is too long to leave beer on trub

    I had yeast alive in a 4 months old cake from a triple. Used it to ferment a dark strong. You should be ok even at 6 months IMHO.
  12. caiafa

    Scorched Brew Kettle

    I found that a caustic solution cleans burnt deposits rather well (10-20% NaOH). I have a spray bottle filled with it and it's very useful while cleaning the stove. Careful with the hands and and especially eyes tho.
  13. caiafa

    dry hopping a belgian strong ale?

    Actually triples fermented at lower temps then usual go well with dry hopping, even more so when fermented with a rather clean yeast (3522, 3787). It would be great if you could bulk age for 3-4 months before dry hopping, as you would need to drink the beer in the next 1-2 months after dry...
  14. caiafa

    Possible Infection, Is this bad?

    In some types of wort Belgian strains put out those large bubbles. No worries :)
  15. caiafa

    D2 syrup composition - What the hell is it?

    I've had great success using a sugar solution (sucrose - beet sugar) heated around 130°C which had some nitrogen source added (Ammonium bicarbonate, DAP) and a fairly strong base (either Na2CO3 made from NaHCO3 by heating in the oven, or food grade NaOH). You just add enough base to drive the...
  16. caiafa

    Purpose of Corn in Flanders recipes?

    In non-lambic brews, corn is mostly used in a small amount in belgian dark strongs. People say it adds some stickiness to mouth feel, helping to retain more flavor in your mouth. Maybe it's the same for lambics.
  17. caiafa

    Infection help needed..

    huge1s I think that the a copper chiller reaches the same temperature as the boiling wort in a couple of minutes. I'm sure it's sanitized by the temperature almost to the outlets.
  18. caiafa

    Whats more Awful Tofu or Belgian Beer?

    I have no idea how one could not like the ones like: Tripel Karmeliet Boucanier Red La Trappe Dubbel
  19. caiafa

    Substitute of yeast nutrient?

    Next time when you bottle a brew you could let the slurry decant in the fridge, and then pour it in some ice cube trays and freeze it. It makes an awesome yeast nutrient. Just throw a 2-3 cubes in the wort at the next boil.
  20. caiafa

    Ever had a crystal clear Belgian Wit??

    +1 to adding flour. Wits were traditionally done with a turbid mashing technique, which left some starches unconverted. Beyond that, it doesn't add any additional flavor really. As a side note, Chimay uses flour for a fairly large part of their tripel mash.