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  1. tronnyjenkins

    Unplanned Decoction?

    So I originally planned on doing a Double Decoction for a Hefeweizen I am (currently) brewing. I decided against it due to time constraints. The mash temps for 60 minutes were actually closer to 145 due to a thermometer inconsistency. I figured, what the hell. This batch is a 3 gallon test/why...
  2. tronnyjenkins

    JC A419 temp controller question-

    I'm using a chest freezer and the Johnson controls A419 to control the fermentation temps. I properly set the SP (65) and DIF (3) but for some reason, it lets the freezer cool all the way down to 52 before shutting it down. Any ideas?
  3. tronnyjenkins

    Easiest Belgo-IPA you could make.

    So... I just tasted New Belgium's Belgo-IPA and it totally reminds me of the easiest beer I have ever made in my life, so I thought I would pass along the info. Ya, it probably isn't by the book, but the method was what the LHBS recommended. Basically it is a no-boil bitter, but you can make...
  4. tronnyjenkins

    WTT Westy 12 for 3F Dark Lord

    Here is a rare opportunity for ya... I went to Belgium in '09 and brought a bunch of Westvleteren 12 for the journey home. I still have a couple left so I'd like to see if anyone would like to trade me a Three Floyd's Dark Lord RIS since its so hard to come by... Might consider some of the...
  5. tronnyjenkins

    Side by side fridge for simultaneous chilling AND fermentation

    I have my beer in the fridge section currently, but I am thinking about trying something- keeping the keg on tap in the freezer section, and fiddling with the thermostat on the fridge to get the temps about where I want them. I have a Johnson Controls A419 that I was planning on using for the...
  6. tronnyjenkins

    Scored 25' 1/4" copper, cleaning?

    I was in the right place at the right time and scored some free Copper tubing. It has a little bit of latex paint from where someone painted around it. Anyone got any methods of cleaning or a chemical to remove this? Then how would I prep it for my wort immersion?
  7. tronnyjenkins

    Chicago/Northern Midwest beer suggestions needed!

    My friend is going to be in Chicago next week and offered to get me some of the beers that we can't get down here in Houston. What do you guys recommend that fits that criteria? I already plan to get some New Glarus, but that's the only one I'm familiar with! Help a brother out!
  8. tronnyjenkins

    Cheap-o lager temp help please

    I would like to attempt a lager soon, but I have limited cash and resources. I have our apt refrigerator that I can easily use for the primary fermentation, however the actual lager phase is what concerns me. Do you guys think if I had some sort of ice bath around the carboy *inside the fridge...
  9. tronnyjenkins

    All-Grain Startup Tips Please...

    I have been researching a bit, and after I tried a stove-top all grain method with a grain bag, I have been considering trying to up-the-ante* and get some better conversion numbers. How does this sound to start: 48 qt cooler mash tun (as instructed by Denny Conn, and Don Osborn)...
  10. tronnyjenkins

    Feedback needed for Rogue Dead Guy clone 10-30-10

    Hey guys, I decided to try a Rogue dead guy clone again. I based my recipe off of an older one that was posted. I changed it to meet the specifics posted by Rogue. I'm lazy, so I posted the pic from my app and added needed info. Also, the hops are 1.45 oz perle 60 min .5 oz saaz for 15 min...
  11. tronnyjenkins

    WTT for some Three Floyds...

    I saw a couple other commercial trade offers, but moderators please let me know if this isn't allowed and I will gladly cease any activity. Guys. I have read a lot about Three Floyds brews and would like to try one... or two varieties. I am down in Texas, so I would gladly help you get...
  12. tronnyjenkins

    What the heck did I make?

    OK, so the guys at our LHBS made a no boil beer (I think somewhat as a joke, and also because they had bets going as to if it would make beer or not). I tasted it and decided to give it a shot. I mostly followed their method. What turned out is a pretty good beer, but I'm not sure what the style...
  13. tronnyjenkins

    Carbonation Levels, Hoegaarden Clone Clarity

    Two questions regarding a couple of my brews: 1. I have brewed four different beers, and I would like to know is there a special way/guide to calculate how much priming sugar to put into a specific type of beer? It seems the ones that I have wanted to have medium carbonation have had too...
  14. tronnyjenkins


    Hey folks, what are the American breweries that you know of who currently produce a weizen using a real yeast, and doing everything in the proper German style? I visited Live Oak in Austin, Tx and they brought something to my attention that I hadn't thought of: How many American "weizens"...
  15. tronnyjenkins

    Finally done?

    Hey guys, had a stuck fermentation of a maibock. Pitched another 1338. It's still on top, but I don't think it has any more to go. It was an extract recipe originating at 1.071, it's at 1.019. Should I just siphon below the yeast or what?
  16. tronnyjenkins

    Inventing Ale Recipes

    OK, so say after I am a little more experienced I want to try inventing some recipes. Would I just use a beer calculator to find out how much sugars to use? My point is, could I just throw ten pounds of extract, some hops, and some yeast together and end up with beer, or is it a lot more scientific?
  17. tronnyjenkins

    Bottling: re-pitching necessary?

    I just brewed a Rochefort 8 clone, and am thinking ahead about bottling. I everything goes well, and the batch isn't contaminated or anything, I am curious as to if you guys would recommend adding another Wyeast starter when we make it to bottling. The plan is: 3 weeks primary 2 weeks...
  18. tronnyjenkins

    Experienced Westvleteren Buyers please!!!

    Hey guys, I'm going to be making the journey to Belgium in late March to try as many beers and visit as many breweries as possible in three days. I know all about the westy beer phone and schedule and all that good stuff, but I'm wondering if you guys know if I made it through on the phone if...
  19. tronnyjenkins

    Belgian recipe recommendation if you please...

    Hello all. I am in need of a recipe for this coming Sunday. I would like to do an extract + grains type deal. It would be great if someone knows of something in the area of Unibroue's La Terrible, or St. Bernardus Abt 12. I hope these aren't too complicated, as I would love to be able to...
  20. tronnyjenkins

    Secondary Fermentation

    Hey guys, new here and had a quick question regarding my first batch. I followed the Palmer method and read the entire guide beforehand. My recipe is viewable here. I am hoping for a Rogue Dead Guy type beer. My...