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  1. evandena

    Adding gelatin to warm keg, cooling later

    Hey guys, due to space issues I'll only be able to chill/carb one keg at a time, but I just kegged 4 kegs. I added the proper amount of gelatin to each keg (they were about 50 degrees at the time), but they will be sitting in basement ambient temps until they get their turn in the chest freezer...
  2. evandena

    Wisconsin [WTB] BG12 Orifices

    Hey - I'm looking for 2 BG12 orifices. They are 1/8" NPT x 3/8" male flare. I'll be using these for NG, so if they're already drilled, that's fine. I placed an order through Banjo, but 3 weeks in and they still haven't shipped, so on to plan B. Thanks!
  3. evandena

    Wisconsin 2 Tier Brew Stand

    Hey guys, I’m selling my 2 tier brew stand, keggles, MLT, and pump. It’s currently set up for natural gas, but can easily be switched back to propane. Burners are BG14. There is no burner under the mash tun, as I used a cooler, but the mounts are setup to allow a third burner to...
  4. evandena

    3711 saison, too late to heat?

    I pitched Wyeast 3711 last Sunday, 3/16 from starter. Kept temps about 68 through a glycol chiller and coil in a reflectix wrapped conical for the first 2 days. I initially thought the yeast would heat themselves up to mid 70's, but they seem to only get to 70 degrees. I had an order in to...
  5. evandena

    Glycol chiller buid question

    I've built a gylcol chiller out of an old dehumidifier. It's currently set up to chill a glycol/water bath in a cooler. I'm having trouble finding a suitable pump to pump the solution through my conical's internal stainless coils. I'm currently using a ~300 GPH fountain pump, but it...
  6. evandena

    2 tap tower

    I'm building a kegerator for a friend, and we're looking for a two tap tower, faucets not included. He's on a budget, so the cheaper the better :D
  7. evandena

    Is this boiling?

    First time testing out the new Kal clone. I had a 5500w element in the HLT and a 4500w in the boil kettle, off of a 50 amp panel. My boil kettle is a 35 gallon Bayou stainless pot. First time trying to boil water in the BK, and I could only get it to 208 degrees with the 4500w element. I...
  8. evandena

    Drilling through stainless kettle

    Hey guys, I'm having a rough time finishing drilling through my kettle. I've drilled through plenty of stainless in my life, but I've yet to run into something this rock hard. Two of the 6 holes drilled normally, but the other 4...
  9. evandena

    Wisconsin Stainless Steel 50 Ft. Coil Tubing NEW

    Hey guys, I'm selling my extra 50' section of 0.460" ID 1/2" OD 316 Welded Stainless Steel Tubing. I bought 2 to make a HERMS coil, because I didn't want to mess one up and be left dry (pardon the pun). Turns out I didn't mess my first one up, so I'm selling my second, brand new one, for a...
  10. evandena

    WTB: Carbonating Lid

    Anyone selling a carbonating lid for a corny keg? I already have the co2 stone, so all I am really looking for is the lid with welded/soldered/whatever attachments. Thanks!
  11. evandena

    WTB: Double line cold plate

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a double line/pass cold plate that is no more than 8" wide. Seems like 8x12 is a common size for doubles, which would work. Thanks
  12. evandena

    Do Higher Mash Efficiencies Affect Malt Flavor?

    I’ve brewed 8 batches so far, and they’ve all been pretty good. The first couple I did not correct for high efficiency, so I ended up with 7% ABV. I’ve since honed my practices and better learned my equipment, and I’m now scaling for 85% efficiency in BeerSmith by...
  13. evandena

    2 Ball Lock Kegs for Pin Lock - Madison WI

    I have 2 ball lock kegs that I'm looking to trade for pin locks. I'm in Madison WI and would prefer not to ship. Thanks
  14. evandena

    Yeast starter for 10 gallon batch?

    Hey guys, I have a question... I'll be brewing a 10 gallon batch this weekend, SNPA clone 1..046 OG. MrMalty says I need 323 billion yeast cells, and all I have is one 11g packet of Safale 04. Is it possible to make a starter for this? I have a new stir plate and all the ingredients for a...
  15. evandena

    WTB: Curtec Fermenter

    Anyone have any, or know where you can buy a Curtec (or something very similar) container to use for fermenting? Thanks.
  16. evandena

    Little Giant 4-MDQX-SC Pump

    Hey guys, I'm selling my Little Giant 4-MDQX-SC. Back when I started designing my brew rig, I ordered two pumps. Plans changed, and I'm now using a two tier with one pump, so the second one is up for sale. It's in perfect condition, very low usage. Comes with a 6 ft power cord with plug...
  17. evandena

    Would this co2 regulator work?

    I've found this used regulator for sale. It was apparently used for serving beer. These are the only pictures I have, and I'm just not sure how exactly it works. It doesn't look much like the regulators I've seen many homebrewers use. I have a primary, and am looking to add a few secondary...
  18. evandena

    WTB: Shanks, manifold

    I'm looking to complete my kegerator. I'm still looking for a few more shanks, a co2 manifold, and probably going to buy three Perlick 525ss (doubt anyone is selling them used?). I have a 5 lb aluminum co2 if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  19. evandena

    To those of you with NG and Quick Disconnects

    I'm in the final phase of my build, and I'm starting to plan out the natural gas piping. I've added the black pipe in my garage, and am ready to add a quick disconnect. Female QD on the end of my black pipe, no problem there. My original line of thinking was to have two sets of QDs, one by...
  20. evandena

    2 tier, second attempt

    I'd like to start cutting steal tomorrow. Here, for your final approval is my second attempt at a two tier design. Here's some details: - 1 pump - Hurricane burners converted to NG - Igloo MLT - 1.5" square mild tubing - 2 keggles - Using a CFC chiller, so I will be pumping from the BK -...