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  1. J

    Wisconsin 100’ stainless coil. 3/8” OD.

    Was used in an old jockey box and has about an 8” coil. $75 plus shipping
  2. J

    Wisconsin Electric brewing - electrical/controller components

    I have an unused 30A 10' power cord for powering a 30A control panel. It plugs into a standard 4-slot North American dryer wall receptacle (240V/30A NEMA 14-30R with ground). Cost $77 plus shipping new. $50 Also a new 6&#8242...
  3. J

    Wisconsin Cam locks

    I have 4 each of: 1/2" female dustcap, 1/2" female CL x 1/2 barb, 1/2" male CL x 1/2 NPT male. I think I paid $56 plus shipping last year but decided to use quick connects instead. They are all in their original packaging. I'd sell them all for $45 shipped.
  4. J

    Wisconsin HopBlocker

    Blichmann HopBlocker for sale. Went in the direction of an e-build and don't need this. Bought it used for $45 and will sell it for the same... Any local takers to Madison to save postage?
  5. J

    Any friendly folks working on an e-build in Madison,WI?

    I'm fairly new to the Madison area and have been working over the past year to gather parts and pieces to embark on a HERMS e-build once I moved to Madison. Well, here I am. I was curious if anyone was early on with their electric system and had any interest in swapping assists/ ideas/...