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    Bad DME - Will champagne yeast consume unfermentable sugars?

    Thus far, I've had beers finish from 1.007 to 1.013 using LHBS Briess DME. I recently bought a 50LB bag of DME from a local-ish Malting company. I'm 4 batches in with it, and this particular DME finishes at 1.019. Even my yeast starters finish at 1.019. I'm using Wyeast 1056 and WLP002...
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    Fermentation stuck at 1.035 - already repitched once

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I'm on my 6th extract brew (with steeping specialty grains). Trying to mimic a beer from a specific brewery, and the brewery gave me a few hints/tricks on fermentation and ingredients. Attached is a BeerSmith screenshot of the recipe I whipped up. I...