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    Where to buy drip tray?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a s/s flush mount drip tray? It needs to be 22"-25" long and no more than 5" wide. Also, and the most difficult criteria... I need it without a drain.
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    So, after finally building a four tap keezer, purchasing 8 cornys, and getting fermentation chambers, I want to get a solid pipeline running to where my beers are able to age several months before a tap is free. Since SWMBO would probably divorce me if I brewed more than one all-grain batch per...
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    Custom Chamber or Chest Freezer?

    Ok guys, I need some advice. I was very inspired by jstuts2260's chamber build seen here: Having just built a keezer, I really want to have a ferment chamber and lager/conditioning/carbing chamber so I can have kegs ready to tap once one...
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    Thoughts on this Son of Ferment Chamber?

    All, While browsing through craigslist, I came across this "Son of Fermentation" chamber. I have never seen one built like this and was wondering what your thoughts are. I can't decide it the design would work better or worse than most builds. The sinking cold are would definitely help keep...
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    2 Ball lock kegs for $56 each shipped

    So, I know $50-60 seems to be the going rate nowadays for ball locks; however, for those that can't pick them up locally and get creamed by shipping when ordering online, has used ball locks for $69/each. Right now, you save $25 on orders over $125 on top of their free shipping for...
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    Q's Keezer Build -- No Woodworking EXP

    I wanted to post my build because I was reluctant to even try and build a keezer with a coffin box and cabinet because I have no experience with woodworking and have very little tools. I decided to go for it anyways and I wanted to show anyone who my also be reluctant to build because they don't...