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    can I get away with...

    1 IPA kit beer from Black Rock New Zealand and adding 1.8kg (4lb) LME AND 1kg dextrose with standard kit yeast? Or will the higher alc content kill the yeast? Or will the alc content be so high with 4lb of LME that I should skip the dextrose? Thanks kindly for advice!!
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    suggestions for simple additions to kit lager?

    Seen some comments from brewers who are simply boiling some orange peel in 300ml of water for 10 mins and popping extras like that in with their kit lager. Worth doing? Can anyone offer some suggestions of what to boil/add - flavours that might compliment each other? Putting on this...
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    help identifying taste

    A Bock from a locally produced kit (Black Rock, New Zealand) has a funny feel/flavour I'm having trouble identifying... I could best describe it as a bit like Tonic water, or maybe like Coke from Maccy D's when the post-mix syrup is running a bit low. It didn't start off like that. After...
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    Coopers' Draught OG 1034

    Fairly new to this (4 beers bottled), and been getting some funny things going on on the hydrometer, including FG's of 1012 on a couple of beers done with lager enhancers, etc. But this one's really got me confoozed - an OG of about 1034 on a Coopers' Draught kit with 1kg dextrose and 23 litres...