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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Craft beer and brewing, zymurgy, boy and beer advocate
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    Can wine (sangria) be pasteurized?

    I made a fruit wine/sangria and bottled it. Had them on their side in wine rack and so far one bottle exploded and another shot its cork out. I am thinking the the yeast didn’t get killed off in my process. I am wondering if I can pasteurize the wine to prevent further bottle bombs? What would...
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    Fermzilla 2 Conical 7.1gal- Reviews Wanted

    I don’t think this is out in the states yet. I seen that you can order from but all other sites are still waiting. Other sites are also listing for $119 w/ free shipping at some. So going to wait and save a few bucks. I recall reading somewhere that they expected to be out...
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    Best way to bottle a quad?

    I have decided that I am bottling off my keg and using 22oz bottles with crowns and wax
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    Best way to bottle a quad?

    I have plain old 12oz brownies and clear wine. I do have a corker. I am thinking I may get corkable brown (either 22oz or 750ml) and some wax. Or is wax more of a crown cap thing? I could get capping bottles and wax. Suppose best to get O2 barrier caps. That way I can just stand them up.
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    Best way to bottle a quad?

    I have a Belgian quad I made this past summer and it’s been sitting in a keg on tap for a few months. There’s still quite a bit left due to the wife thinking it’s too strong and friends preferring ipa. So I am looking forward king for suggestions on how to bottle it and age it to mellow the...
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    Wisconsin 2x 7.5 gallon 120v Blichmann Boilcoils

    I have two Blichmann Boilcoils of the 120v variety that I was going to put into a 10gallon to get a faster boil but due to possibly moving within the next year I decided to stick with propane for now. Will sell as a pair for $200 shipped conus. Will post pics tomorrow. Both have never been...
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    BYO BoGo List of 'wanters' 50/50 splits

    On last months issue I got the BOGO offer and had someone take it on here right away. Today I check mail and I have envelop from BYO with same offer inside. So if I did a 50/50 with first offer can I do a 50/50 with second and have a two year subscription?
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    Heatshield needed?

    I have a darkstar 2.0 burner and 10 gallon tall boy kettle. I added a ball valve, sightglass, and planning on whirlpool port. My question is do I need a heatshield for these? As you can see in link the putter ring of the darkstar is quite a bit away from the burner itself and the kettle rests on...
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    New York Gear Sale

    Pm sent again
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    NEW Product - Brewskey

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    New York Gear Sale

    Pm sent
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    Rhode Island Aeration, sight gauge and dip tube with 3 piece valve

    Is valve and dip tube still available?
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    Michigan BYO subscription 2 for 1- $15 for 8 issues

    I also have same offer! Only after cyberbackpacker! :sold:
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    Copper ok for immersion chiller to control fermentor temps?

    That's what I was thinking but had to ask. Guess it will just be a summer pre-chiller for the plate chiller
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    Copper ok for immersion chiller to control fermentor temps?

    I recently went from immersion chilling to a plate chiller. I also just read an article in BYO in which they make an immersion chiller for fermenting/layering. However in the build they use a stainless chiller. I was wondering if there are any known issues that would advise me that this same...