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    Pin lock system

    I picked up a set of equipment from someone who no longer brews. I am giving the equipment to my buddy. I have never used pin lock. Do you know if it is color coded like it is for ball lock. Grey for gas black for beer? Looks like the guy used grey for beer and black and steel for gas. Thanks...
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    Funky Doppelbock Sludge - What have I done?

    So I decided to try and recreate the best and most technically challenging beer i have ever made. A doppel bock that I brewed on Christmas Eve and tapped on May 24th. It was so absolutely lovely in all regards that i brewed it again yesterday. For some reason i have a very thick sludge like wort...
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    Rogue pacman yeast

    What can I expect from it? The name is very familiar as I have come across it a lot here. I've always dismissed it because i felt the name was silly. My LHBS had some so i decided to purchase it. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Yeast starter - step up or no step up

    I am going to be making a big beer and am now questioning the wisdom of the step up yeast starter. Why would adding volumes of wort at different stages be better for yeast propagation then just all at once. It was my understanding that yeast propagate when oxygen and sugar is available. After...
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    What are your Favorite German styles to brew and why?

    So I'm really into brewing German styles of beer now. I just love the malt charecter i get from decocting the mash. I make hefeweizen, kolsch, bock and a killer doppelbock. What other German styles are fun to make and drink and why? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Why does my foam look like this?

    After the initial head subsides the foam on my beer looks like this. Not sure if it is a good thing. I am not used to foam like this even with micro brews. My beers taste good though :) Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    I need a good burner

    Can anyone recommend a good burner with a stand. Preferably over 60,000 btu and one that is good to clean after accidental boil overs. Do they make manifolds that don't rust? I want to buy something that will last a life time and that I can later on convert to my natural gas outlet. Propane for...
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    4 volumes of CO2 inside the keg

    I made a hefeweizen because I was so in awe of the one i had ontap in Frankfurt airport. It was highly carbonated and was a wonder to watch. I used a bottle carbing calculator to determine how much sugar to add to my keg. I don't like force carbing with CO2. For 5 gallons and desired 4...
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    Rice hulls - never get a stuck mash

    Do rice hulls lend any flavor or are they solely for the purpose of avoiding a stuck system or mash? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Vigorous fermentation in temperature range

    I am making a kolsch. Fermenter/beer/wort temp is in range for my yeast at 15 C 60 F. Fermentation is vigorous for a low gravity beer. Is this what a brewer would want? Perhaps i equate vigorous fermentation with hotter fermentation temperatures which are out of yeasts' range resulting in off...
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    PSI reading - carbonate with sugar in keg

    I am going to try and carbonate with sugar inside my keg. I have a ball valve with a pressure gauge that I could attach to it. In general, what should I hold my pressure at and for how long. 10 days at 30 psi and 65F? Would that yield 2.58 volumes of CO2 in my beer? I pulled those numbers from a...
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    Milling to powder

    I mill to the smallest setting. I have a cereal killer and it shows 0.025" I get a lot of powder, some small chunks and the husks are remarkably mostly intact. I'm trying to get better efficiencies by milling this fine. I never get a stuck sparge. Are there any other problems with milling...
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    Wyeast American lager 2035

    I made a big starter with this yeast. After a day the starter was darker in colour then it started. Usually my starters are lighter in colour and more creamy looking. I always have my starters on a stir plate. Also there was no krausen. The yeast itself smelt good and I can't see how it was...
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    Adding gelatin finings - the no BS way

    Stupid autocorrect. Sorry can't edit the subject. Can someone please provide me with simple step by step instructions on how to add gelatin finings to my beer. I've never done it before. I have a small container of LD Carlson gelatin. Label says add 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gal. Soak in cold water...
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    Brew days too long!

    I find my brew days are too long. Any problem with mashing one day, storing wort for several days then boiling and pitching on another day? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    German lager yeast

    I used wyeast 2206 twice. I like the beer it made. Unfortunately I have a hell of a time rinsing it. Seems to flocculate out at the same rate as the trub. Can someone suggest another good German lager yeast strain that will be easier for me to rinse. Thanks On a similar note. I rinse my yeast...
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    Citra rubber band taste

    Does anyone get a 'rubber band' taste when they dry hop with citra? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Beer equipment idea for commercial sale - need input

    I have an item my family company manufactures that I think I can convert into a viable home brew product for commercial distribution. I would really appreciate some input as I do not know what is available since I have always been using this item in my brew processes. It's basically a rigid...
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    Johnson A149 lagering chamber setting

    Just bought a danby designer 10.2 cubic foot chest freezer to use for lagering. I have my Johnson digital thermostat setup to it. Any suggestions on how i should set it. I currently have it set to 33 F with a 3 F differential. I want to keep my beer around 30 F to keep it as cold as possible...
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    Belgian Ale - flavor description

    So i made a duvel clone not having a real understanding of what a belgian ale is supposed to taste like. I am pleased with it. I used a lot of sugar and 1366 wyeast. It has a flavor that reminds me of the taste of blood. Like when you bite your lip by accident or have your gums bleed. I thought...