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    Infected or safe?

    How does it smell? If that passes, let your second best friend try it!
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    Lower than expected final gravity with extract kit

    FG of 1.010 to 1.022 is okay for an american stout according to BJCP.
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    NB Plinian Legacy questions

    What OG are some of you getting adding the water? How much water are you adding also?
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    Dave's Keezer Build

    It looks great. So, what's on tap?
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    dry hopping, but most of the hops are not in contact with the beer (pic)

    Push them down into the beer. I wouldn't worry with a hop bag.
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    Looking for a GO TO IPA for my second extract brew...

    Northern Brewers Lakefront Fixed is a dry hopped red ale, but is a really nice extract kit you should try. I have the dead ringer conditioning right now, but the samples have been good.
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    quick blowoff tube question

    That much pull back would be an issue. I typically have my wort temp down to pretty close to where I need it for fermentation when I pitch the yeast. My understanding is that a large difference in ambient temp to wort temp is what causes the suck back. I would be interested in knowing what the...
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    quick blowoff tube question

    Yes, you only want enough star san to submerge the end of the tube. Any more is only a waste of star san, but won't hurt anything.
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    Takuie is correct. You'll want to reduce the hops called for in the first 30 minutes' worth of boil additions 20% by weight to compensate for the increased efficiency from having the additional water. Steve from Northern Brewer explained this very well below. "The early additions spend...
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    I start with a 5.5 gal boil and have always had great results. You can even use a lid to control boil off, but you have to watch it closely so you don't get a boil over! The benefits of home brewing is that you can experiment with both and see if there is a difference in the end product.
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    What did you end up using? I always use drinking water.
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    That's what I do, but you'll end up adding some due to boil off.
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    Hydrometer in the carboy

    The best successes were always preceded by trial and error! If you don't try it, you'll never know the outcome!
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    Gong camping!

    Use a stainless steel growler or two or three!
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    Hydrometer in the carboy

    One other consideration for not doing this is the probability that the kraeusen that remains stuck to the side of the carboy after dropping will make it very difficult to read through the glass. Draw a sample to test.
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    Bourbon Barrel Porter

    How did this turn out?
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    Bourbon Barrel Porter Still Bubbling!

    NB actually recommended the dry yeast given the heat of traveling right now. I'm brewing it this weekend and will rehydrate the yeast and anticipate a great brew in a few months. I plan to let it condition until the end of October.
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    NorthernBrewer Bourbon Barrel Porter

    I'm brewing this jewel this weekend and will let it condition until the end of October. It might be good to crack one open on Halloween. I'm hoping it will be as good as some of your reviews!