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    Recirculating Dry Hop

    I was setting up my recirculating dry hop for my latest IPA yesterday and decided to piece together a couple videos showing my process. I'm sure others have their ways of doing something similar but I thought I'd post to show what I do. Sorry about the poor audio. I didn't realize how long...
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    Peltier Chips Directly Attached to SS Conical?

    If there is some discussion on this, I'm unable to find it. I've see a couple places that sell aluminum blocks to mount peltier chips and heat sinks to. My question is, why can't you attach the peltier chips directly to the SS vessel? First I was thinking, the aluminum cools and spreads the...
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    BIAB used as hop spider?

    Anyone use their bag as a hop spider? I have a hop spider I've been using but I'm about to use brew an IPA with huge doses of knockout and post-boil hops. I'm thinking instead of using the hop spider, I'll use my BIAB as a liner during the boil. I have a false bottom that will keep the bag...
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    Help with Camlock selections

    I'm trying to figure out the best set of camlocks to setup my brewery and I'm having difficulty understanding a few best-practices issues. I've drawn it out a few times but still have questions/concerns. I figure many here have probably designed a few of these over the years and could probably...
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    Refractometer Issue

    I've been using a refractometer for over a year; measuring both original and final gravity. I use Sean Terrill's formula to calculate an accurate FG and ABV. This has worked fine many batches of beer. I currently have a Flanders (2-mo), Quad (1-mo), Imperial Stout (1-mo) and IPA (2-wks)...
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    Non-punted 500ml bottle pressure

    Does anyone know if the 500ml bottles used by Prairie, MBC or Russian River are rated higher than average 12oz 'American brown' bottles? I know Prairie bottles several farmhouse saisons in theirs so I would think so. Considering bottling some brett-saison but I want to be sure I'm not...
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    Mold or Pellicle?

    I brewed a saison on 11/28/14 with WY3711. After 9 days, I racked to a smaller carboy secondary and pitched WLP644 Brux Trois (brett/sacch/whatever). I threw in 1.5oz toasted Hungarian oak cubes as well that settled in the neck. After a few days, I noticed some white on the cubes. I deducted...
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    The Rare Barrel Base Recipes

    New show on the Brewing Network called The Sour Hour featuring host Jay Goodwin, co-founder of The Rare Barrel. On episode 1 he gave The Rare Barrel base malt bills. On episode 2, he clarified a bit more. I thought I'd type these grists up and see how we can play with them. Golden (loosely...
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    Wicked Weed Freak of Nature Double IPA

    OK, I'm trying to piece together a clone attempt at this recipe. I'll update this original post in order to keep the best clone easily accessible. Luke & Walt really talk through a lot of it on the Sunday Session at 2:00:00 - 2:29:00. I tried to capture all the tidbits they dropped but...
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    BYO Subscription at Half Price

    It's that time of year again! Mods, if this needs to be in a different forum, please move. I've received my BOGO Brew Your Own subscription offer. Anyone want in? Last year, we had a massive thread for subscribers to share. There will probably be a similar situation this year. Basically...
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    Planning: Wee Heavy w/American 2-Row base

    I'm beginning to pull together a recipe for a wee heavy brew that will be aged until next winter. I may or may not (probably WILL) age it on bourbon soaked oak chips for some period. I really prefer wee heavy brews that pick up the dark fruit raisin/fig type flavor but still have malt...
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    IPA Hop Bill Suggestions w/o Simcoe or Citra

    I have a freezer full of hops but I'm running low on Simcoe and Citra. I'd like to start using up some of my other variants before the harvest at the end of summer. I have a ton of good hops but I'm having trouble finding appealing recipes that don't call for simcoe or citra. Below is a list...
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    Cold Crash prior to Dry Hop in Primary

    I usually gelatin and cold crash my beer after fermentation and rack to secondary for the dry hop. I do this for (2) reasons; 1) to harvest the yeast and 2) to keep my fresh hop oils away from the yeast that may stripe it out of my beer. My last two batches of beer showed signs of...
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    Different efficiencies?

    Saturday, I brewed two IPAs, both using 13# of 2-Row and 1# of sugar. I calculated my recipes based on 75% efficiency (I'm still dialing in my equipment and processes) with one batch being 5gal into fermenter and the other 5.5gal. My expected OG was 1.084 and 1.075 respectively. What I got...
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    Opened up my chocolate oatmeal stout yesterday to rack to secondary (on nibs) and this is what I see on top. Is it an infection? <can anyone see that pic?>
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    ISO: Parabola, Dark Lord, Sexual Chocolate, Abyss FT: BCBS (reg)

    If you have other interesting imperial stouts (Life is Like..., World Wide Stout, Velvet Merkin, BA Speedway, etc), let me know. PM me any offers. thx
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    ISO: KBS, Black Note, Chocolate Rain, Black Tuesday FT: GI BCBS

    I have several bottles of Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (2013) available. Let me know what we can work out. I may have some other cellared stuff to sweeten the deal, if needed. thx Brandon
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    Campden Tablet - Desired level ppm of SO2

    I bought some campden tablets today manufactured by Crosby & Baker. It states it equates to 30 ppl of SO2 in 1 gallon of water. I feel like that is less than most campden tablets (I'm guessing around 65-75ppm). Can anyone confirm how much I need to use in a 5gal batch? thx
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    Where did the hops go?

    First, I know hop aroma and flavor dissipate quickly. But in the (2) APA and (1) DIPA I've completed, the hops have vanished within minutes of popping the the top. Lets look at the DIPA first since it was so pronounced. This was a 9.5oz DIPA. Here is the hop schedule: 1oz Warrior (16%)...
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    Find my Homebrew Twang

    OK, I'm 6 batches into my most recent adventure in homebrewing. Without much adieu, all my beers contain all off-flavor aftertaste I've termed, 'homebrew twang'. Let me lay out my steps and see if you can see a potential culprit, or at least an area I can tighten up my steps to alleviate this...