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    Can you add Malto-Dextrin to the secondary? I forgot to add it when I was making the beer. It has been in primary for over 2 weeks and I can rack it to secondary if I can add in the Malto-Dextrin. What do you guys think?
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    Brewing with my son

    Decided to pick up some things at the brewshop tonight for a porter and a stout. After seeing all the new stuff that I bought, my son wanted to help out. I have been trying to come up with ways the two of us can do things together, so this was a great oportunity for that. I had him weigh out...
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    Flies in the Airlock?!!!!!

    I transferred my cider into secondary today and noticed that the airlock on another carboy needed to be topped up. No problem right? Except when I add to it I notice about 10 fruit flies that float to the top of the airlock!!! Do you guys think the airlock did what it was supposed to do and...
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    I am so excited!!!!

    I just ordered my Barley Crusher and I can't wait to use it. It should be here when I get back from my trip to San Francisco. The first grains through it will be a for a porter.
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    Beer Line

    I have not had much luck with kegging so far. I kept getting a lot of foam and very little carbonation in the beer. I have read and done the calculations for line balancing, but still a lot of foam. I did read somewhere that the beer line should not have any downward slope to it. It should...
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    Unfiltered Cider

    I used 5 gallons of unfiltered cider in my last batch. Will it ever clear? I have only ever used the cider kits from the brew shop and didn't know if it would clear or not.
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    All Grain and 8 inches

    Did my fist all grain batch on Wednesday and right when I put the kettle on the burner is started snowing. We go about 8 inches overnight. Everything went great and I only missed my target O G by .001. I broke up my sparge water into 2 batches and the runoff was still well above 1.010. I was...
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    Stone IPA

    I bought one of these last night and I did not like what it tasted like. Has anyone ever had one? Is this a typical taste of an IPA? I believe that this was my first experience with an IPA and do not want to base my opinion on one beer. Can someone recommend anything that might be better?
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    Grain Storage

    Where do you keep you grain that you bought in bulk? I have been thinking about buying some but I was unsure how to store it.
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    Carbonation After Bulk Ageing

    I have an ale that I am planning on bulk ageing in the carboy until the end of January 2008. I was going to put that into 12oz bottles after that, but was wondering if there would be enough yeast activity to convert the priming sugar after being aged for so long. I used a wlp099 for very heavy...
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    Keg for Brew Kettle

    What did you guys pay for your keg that you changed into a brew kettle?