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    Cyser: Bitter, Acrid. What?

    Hey all, I have a cyser that I made with 71B. Started 10/16 at about 1.090, so, not too high. Added DAP during fermentation. It got stuck around 1.020 for a while and then finally got down to < 1.000 range. However, as it got down it turned...bitter. Almost acrid. Honestly doesn't have much...
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    Pasteurization and Flavor

    Those who back-sweeten or carb and then heat pasteurize. Does it make your cider taste bland or stale? Would really appreciate input on this. Any insight into flavor during long term storage and aging welcome too.
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    First time I've added sugar. When will it taste good?

    Being something of a purist (and a fan of dry wines), I've never added any sugar to my ciders before this year, except for maybe to prime if I don't have juice handy. But this autumn I thought to myself, all right, I'll be a grown up. I'll experiment and expand my horizons. I've added corn...
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    A General FYI on Commercial Cider Production & Taxes

    I thought some of you in the United States might be interested in this, just to know more than the average person about commercial cider. My qualifications here include the fact that I work for a licensed winery and distillery and spend lots of time cuddling with tax paperwork. You can look all...
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    carbing after bottling. (as in opening, closing.)

    Hey all. I bottled a cider about a month ago. I added cinnamon and vanilla in secondary - the vanilla comes out but the cinnamon is not very strong. Having had a lot of bottles and thinking about it a lot, I've decided I'd really like to carb it. Any problem with literally reopening every...
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    When to move into secondary

    Hey y'all, I've got a 25 ish gallon batch of cyser (referenced in a previous thread). I primarily make cider, and this is my first cyser. How long should I leave it resting on its lees? I tend to move my ciders out before they're totally done fermenting because I think the yeast cake can...
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    Stuck fermentation, or just typical 71B-1122?

    Hey y'all, I've got a 25 gallon batch of cyser going (yes, 25) in primary. The OG was about 1.095 or so, and I pitched five packets 71B-1122 along with a premade starter gallon. To my delight, fermentation got off to a nice, fast start. However, the activity has slowed down pretty...
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    A Pleasant Perry

    By some fluke/stroke of luck, I made an incredible perry that is insanely delicious. I have no idea how it turned out so good - everyone loves it. So hey, maybe if you try it, you will as well. -Several bushels under ripe pears + cider press to get 5 gallons of juice (discussed at end)...
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    Going from beginner to intermediate...aging? Sugar?

    I've brewed about 200 gallons of ciders and perries with a wide array of yeasts. I like a cider that's a bit sweet but I find most commercial ciders to be unpalatable...sort of like carbonated apple juice mixed with Splenda and ambiguous grain alcohol. But I'm finding I like most of my ciders...
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    Adding elderberry syrup - after secondary.

    Hey everyone, Have a 4.5 gallon batch of cider that turned out great (put in secondary about a month ago). A friend gave me a ton of dried elderberries, and I want to give her a six-pack of cider with elderberry flavor added as a gift (and to experiment for myself). Ideas on how to do this...