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    Beware yeast in the fridge

    I made a tropical melomel. At 7 days I transferred it to a carboy off the fruit. There was an extra litre of mead that I put in a swing top bottle and stuck in the fridge for topping up when I racked. At the point I racked it the fermentation had slowed right down. I carefully checked the swing...
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    Tropical melomel recipe critique please!

    I started a melomel today and want to confirm I'm on the right track. The plan is: -3lb carmelized rewarawara honey(plus some more for back sweetening) -1 tsp boiled bread yeast -1 cup black tea -1 bottle sunrype coco/pineapple juice(1litre) -2 very rype bananas -lalvin 1122 Ferment in bucket...
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    Yeasts are mysterious beasts...

    I've been trying to figure out what makes a mead finish earlier, etc. I'm really no closer now than before. This was my experiment. Started three traditionals, a Spanish needle and a Tasmanian leatherwood. 5 days later I started a batch with slightly carmelized rewarawara . They all had...
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    Marmalade wine

    Anyone ever made this? I made a bunch of very tasty marmelade a while ago, out of Seville oranges and lemons. It was my first ever batch and I cut the peel too big, so while it tastes great its hard to use. I was debating turning some of it into a gallon of wine. Good idea, or terrible idea?
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    My varietal traditional experiments.

    I started two batches yesterday and will start one more in the next day or so. While I was visiting friends in the big city I was able to get my hands on some interesting varieties. I posted about them, but it seems no one else has used these(or at least no one that has replied. )I thought I...
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    Spanish needle honey?

    Found some of this. It tastes very unique, floral and fruity. Anyone ever used it?
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    Rewarawara and leatherwood honey?

    Ever tried these?
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    Removing painted on labels?

    I have some high ABV mead that I want to bottle in a month or six, so I've been keeping my eyes open for some half sized or ice wine bottles. I've only found them online or very expensive at a local home brew shop. I stopped by the recycling center yesterday for another 1gallon jug (0.50$) and...
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    Gin mead?

    I've seen this referred to, but can't find much info about it. I really like gin, and have a friend who does as well. I was thinking of making a gin inspired dry mead. Any ideas? Recipes? Anyone ever done this successfully ?
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    Clearing/degassing question.

    I have a strawberry apple wine that is now 3.5 months old and shows no signs of clearing. It was started nov15/2012. Lots of pectin enzyme at the start. It is very dry and smells awesome. Made with ec1118. I was reading about degassing and how some 'gassy' wines won't clear, so I stirred it and...
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    Clearing times

    What is the longest it has taken a mead to clear? The shortest? I have a few different batches started at the end of november 2012. I started by making a traditional mead, then adding flavours in secondary, once divided into separate carboys. Some are almost clear, others are not even starting...
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    Chai caramel cider

    I mentioned this in another thread, but thought I would post the recipe and results. Started 1-17-13 OG 1.050 Ingredients: 1 gallon apple juice(Walmart) 1cup carmelized sugar Pectin enzyme Nutrient and energizer 2 bags of tazo chai Lalvin d47 Mixed all, added a small nub ginger, half a...
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    Best Wine You've Ever Made?

    I'm just getting into the hobby, so I dont have anything significant to contribute. I made a cheap, tasty, sparkling berry "wine"coolerish thing that every one loved, but that doesnt really count. My strawberry apple is in secondary and smells divine at 3 months old. my favorite wines are...
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    Best option for topping up?

    If you are supposed to rack into secondary, then every 30-60 days until no longer dropping sediment before bottling, what is the best way to top up? I know ideally I could just make extra traditional to top up with, but in the event that isn't an option, what is the best? I don't have marbles...
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    Wax dipping vs shrink wrap?

    I have quite a few mead projects coming up that will be ready to bottle in the next few months. 6 gallons are very high Abv, the rest is around 14%. I want to age some of it for several years. I will be using good quality corks, but I have a few questions. Is wax dipping a good idea to preserve...
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    Fermenting pyment brown?

    I have a concord pyment that has been fermenting for a month or so. Used Concord grape juice, clover honey, Kv1116, energizer, nutrient and pectin enzyme, plus the juice of half a lemon. This started a super deep redish purple(Welches concord juice). It started quite high gravity(1.130 if I...
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    Old 'english' pub cider

    I have a friend from Scotland who likes the cider he used to drink at the pubs there. He describes it as "so good, but you gotta watch the stuff, a few glasses and your done for" I don't know exactly what flavour profile that translates into, other than high abv. I have never been to any where...
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    Simple, tasty cider

    I bought a couple gallons of cider on sale very cheap, fresh pressed. It was nearing its expiry date. I was in the middle of a few other batches, so I put the cider, a nub of ginger and a pack of ec1118( needed to use it up some where) in a jug and air locked it. OG of 1.050. 5 days later it...
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    Burnt/plasticy/fuel smell??

    I divided a 6 gallon carboy containing a clover traditional (18% ABV) into smaller carboys. For secondary I flavoured each separately, vanilla, orange spice, hibiscus, chocolate and strawberry. They have been sitting for over a month in secondary and are starting to clear(except the chocolate...
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    Cherry chipotle.

    I have some awesome chipotles, I've grown the jalapeños, smoked them over mesquite and dried them myself. I thought a cherry chipotle mead sounds awesome, and clover honey was on sale, sooo, this is the recipe I've come up with. 3 gallons 10.5 lb clover honey Nutrient and energizer 1 cup...