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    bowie bottle replacement o-rings

    Hey folks - my bowie bottler adapter needs a set of replacement o'rings. Anyone have the pdf of the original manual of this thing? I'd like to order the o'rings and put them in proper order. thanks!
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    bowie bottler

    Hi folks, I have the bowie bottler and I can't seem to find my instructions and replacement o-ring part numbers. Can someone scan their instructions and send to me please? I see another thread in here with the part numbers but I recall there had to be a specific orientation of the orings...
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    lactic acid question

    Hi folks, I'm using the ez water calc xls file and i'm curious about the lactic acid addition. According to the spreadsheet, I need to add 5ml lactic acid to bring down my mash ph to 5.6. From what i've read, 5ml is equivalent to a teaspoon. Here's my questions (relating to the ez...
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    red star montrachet / temp esters?

    Hi folks, I'm about to make my 4th batch of Ed Wort's apflewein. I was wonder about experimenting with the primary fermentation temperature with the red star montrachet yeast. Does anyone have any information on the esters produced at different temps? thanks JJ
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    kab4 burner / dual propane tanks

    Hi folks, I have a kab4 burner and i've run into a situation where my propane tank freezes. I have two propane tanks and was wondering if I could draw propane from both of them to feed the single burner. Any good links to equipment out there?
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    recommended brew stand?

    Hi folks - I was wondering what is the recommended approach for a brew stand with the following equipment. 1) 2 x kab4 banjo burners 2) 2 x 15.5 keggles 3) 1 x 10 gallon mash tun 4) 2 propane tanks 5) 1 chugger pump I'm guessing I need a 2 level stand since i have a pump? Any great...
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    home brewer tv?

    Hey folks - I'm curious if anyone knows what's going on with home brewer tv. It's been a while since i've seen any podcast updates, the webpage is down ( and messages to Gary go on not answered. Is the site and the man behind the site down for the count? JJ
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    kegging between beer / soda

    Hey folks, Historically I've only put beer through my kegs/beer lines but I have an empty keg at this point and was thinking of doing a root beer kit and kegging it. In between beers i typically run oxyclean, flush with water, remove posts and clean taps as well. Am I going to need to...
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    propane tank question

    I took my empty propane tank to get refilled and it only filled to 3.8 gallons. The guy said something about an overflow valve auto shuts off the pump. Is this bs or truth? Any links about thus topic? Is something not functioning properly on my tank?
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    My busted IPA

    Hi folks, I thought i'd share a plan with you to try and salvage an IPA that I recently messed up. Brew night bad karma happened. I decided to use a stainless hop ball (never again) and 1/2 way through the boil I ran out of gas. Resolved the gas issue after 20 mins or so but the hop ball...
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    Jamil's Russian Imperal Stout or Rasputin?

    Hey folks. Anyone out there brewed Jamil's Russian Imperial Stout? How'd it turn out? How would you compare it to a Rasputin (commercial or clone)? I'm trying to decide which to brew .. JJ
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    suggestions on choosing malts/hops

    Hey folks, I've been home brewing now on provided recipes for almost a year now. With that, I'm wanting to start doing experimental 1 gallon batches of different brews that I pick all the ingredients from a thoughtful design before actually buying the ingredients and making it. Here are some...
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    Dale's Pale Ale: APA or AIPA?

    Seems a lot of folks categorize Dale's as an APA, including our beeradvocate friends. However, the IBU on this beer really puts it into the AIPA category. So... APA or AIPA? discuss! JJ
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    partial extract kits / water profile

    Hi, I'm doing a bit burger clone this weekend in the form of a partial extract kit. Does the water profile matter at all since the most critical component (the extract) is already done? My tap water is good to drink, just curious if I should spend $1.19 x 11 gallons on spring water of some...
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    beer line / modular approach

    Hey guys, I was curious if anyone has built a modular style approach to extending the beer lines (to balance your draft system) Currently i have two beers in my kegs. Dale's Pale Ale and Jamil's dunkle. Both high co2 volume brews and i get some hellishly big foam, even after first poor. My...
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    dispensing / force carbing

    Hi folks, I have a dual regulator and I let my brew force carbonate over a week at the dialed in pressure. Can someone explain the difference, if any, between dispensing psi vs carbonation psi? I'm not very clear on this one. I get wild foam on the initial pour so I'm wondering if there...
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    my Frigidaire LFPH44M4LB conversion/build

    Hi folks - Thought I'd share my conversion. Following is based on these threads about this fridge: <--- this is a great thread...
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    5 Liter mini kegs

    Hi folks, First post here and 4 month homebrewer. I've been doing the mini keg route for a while and some of my older mini kegs need to be replaced. I ended up buying a couple from midwest supplies recently however they are multi purpose mini kegs. You can use a co2 based tap system...