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  1. J

    Vertical Kegerator/Fermentor Combo

    I am limited in space in my NYC condo so i was thinking about building a vertical kegerator/fermenter combo. The basic design of the kegerator would be as per Instead of the tower i would have a fan connected to 3" hole to blow...
  2. J

    Amazon Store Front - Bargain Home Brew

    Has anyone purchased a brew kettle from the Amazon Store Front - Bargain Home Brew Thoughts/Opinions... Thanks
  3. J

    Broken Bottles

    Last night i went into my brewing closet to pull some bottles for Christmas party and found that half my case of Pumpkin Beer were shattered. what could of happened to cause only half of them to explode. I never even heard them pop. Very upset to say the least.
  4. J

    Christmas Gift Idea

    Looking for opinions on the perfect gift for homebrewer for around $100.00.
  5. J

    Smashing Pumpkin

    I just tasted my Smashing Pumpkin Beer after 2 weeks in Primary. It doesn't have that "pumpkin" flavor i was looking for. can i add more pumpkin spices right before bottling? does anyone have any advice on how much more spice to add?
  6. J

    Belgium Trip Paid in Full

    All booked and ready to go...Can't wait!!! Day 1, Thursday - Travel Day Your trip begins as you fly to Brussels, Belgium. Meals and overnight aloft. Day 2, Friday - Walking Tour/Pub Crawl, Welcome Dinner Upon arrival in Brussels, transfer to our hotel just steps from the Grand Place...
  7. J

    WTB: 2013 Ommegang BCTC Tickets

    I am looking for two camping/tasting tickets to this year's BCTC.
  8. J

    Stone Vertical Epic BBQ

    Great BBQ this weekend with surprise Stone Vertical Epic tasting for 03.03.03 to 10.10.10....
  9. J

    Pliny the Elder

    Anyone know of anyplace in NYC Metro area to get hands on bottle of Pliny the Elder?
  10. J

    Trimming 3 gallon keg

    I am trying to fit 2 3 gallon legs in igloo maxcold 70 but they won't fit. Can I trim rubber ring near base of keg where rubber meets steel?
  11. J

    Topping off keg

    I brewed 5 gallons of beer but only have a 3 gallon keg, so I kegged 3 gallons and transferred the rest to secondary fermenter. My question is can i top off the carbonated beer with the non carbonated beer and then re-carbonate?
  12. J

    CO2 Cylinder in Cooler

    I am building a rolling cooler out of a Igloo Maxcold 70 and was wondering if there was any issue i should know about storing CO2 cylinder inside cooler with ice since i am only chilling one 3 gallon Corny Keg. Thanks in advance...