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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Pellicle of a propagation made from dregs of The Bruery Terreux Peach Lindemans Cassis Wild Saison from Real House
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    Maple Porter-when to add the syrup

    Good to read all of this.... I am fermenting (still primary fermentation) a Belgian Quad and wants to add the Maple Syrup after primary is finished (I would say in about 2 weeks from now). I got worried now with the qty as I was planning something about 38 fl oz of pure Maple Syrup for 9...
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    Coconut and Cacao Nibs?

    Coming back to this topic, how much you guys used of coconut per gallon?
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Here my aliens with approx 3 months!!!! A little filter to make it even more artistic....
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Brett Saison
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    Best app for iPhone

    People, what’s the best app for recipe building for iPhone in your opinion?
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    RiS - 42.5 Score

    Nice to know [emoji6]
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    WLP530 Abbey Yeast + Belgian Quad Temps

    I would say that 6 days is not enough time for a Quad fermentation, but if you reached out the intended FG, I would increase the temperature in order to let the yeasts to clean up. Remember that a Belgian quad would be very good if a little bit dry and with enough esteres remiting to plums...
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    RiS - 42.5 Score

    What's the fermentation temperature profile you have used and how long it took?
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    Soak grains before mash?

    This sounds quite odd to me as well... Pls share the link to the article.
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    Thanks!!! I have a pack of this Red Star Côte des Blancs... Gonna use this...
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    Hi ppl! I'm a homebrewer and cider making, but now want to try some winemaking trial. So, do you think I could make a medium quality wine using grape juice from supermarket? I mean whole grape juice. Would be worth to add some wood on the aging stage? What's the best yeast you would recommend?