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  1. J

    College Football

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk is right. We're going undefeated. Time will only tell if that includes a National Championship
  2. J

    Beer for my bro...

    I like the American wheat idea. Every Budlight drinker I know seems to like a "wheat beer". It's all Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat around here.
  3. J

    wurt chilling

    I just bought a new brew pot (made of stainless steal and an aluminum and magnetic steel bottom) anyway, it says on the side not to rapidly change its temperature b/c it may cause warping. however I used to always submerge my brewpot (full of wort) in an ice pot to rapidly cool. do you think it...
  4. J

    first batch bottled,hell yea

    Congrats on your first beer! In "Joy of Home Brewing" Papazian explains that part of a hangover is due to a lack of the Vitamin B complex (among dehydration and maybe others?), and because the yeast in home brew create the Vitamin B complex home brew actually replenishes your body's losses...
  5. J

    Conditioning temp. for a lager

    the recipe I got from "Joy of Homebrewing" called for fermentation at 50F so I followed that
  6. J

    Conditioning temp. for a lager

    After bottling should I condition my steam beer at the same temperature as I fermented at (about 49F)? what will yield the best result?
  7. J


    Agreed, thanks!
  8. J

    Need suggestions to formulate IPA recipe from LME

    I read somewhere that since it is almost like hop extract in those kits it will ad the bitterness but not so much the aroma or flavor. so it might not be a bad idea to add a aroma/flavor hop like cascade. you can also ask you LHBS and they should be able to tell you for sure. Happy Brewing!
  9. J

    Belgium Wit - Bottling

    I usually go by the 123 rule. 1 week in the primary, 2 in the secondary, and 3 in the bottles conditioning. although I'm pretty new to brewing as well it seems to be a general rule that people use. happy brewing!
  10. J

    Long Fermentation??

    you should be alright people say it takes 3 weeks or more to get off flavors. however I don't know from experience. Happy brewing
  11. J

    apricot brew recipe?

    bradsul, how strong is the apricot flavor in your sister's apricot ale
  12. J

    Pear ale

    I was thinking about it the other day and thought a pear ale could be a tasty creation, however I wasn't really sure how many pears I would need to use and when I should add them. I've heard that adding them to the secondary is a good time. I guess I was just thinking about adding the pears to a...
  13. J

    Trying a 90 min clone

    I also put plastic wrap over the the mouth of my carboy and apply preasure to the opening (as to not let anything spill out) then I turn it on it's side and roll it around for a long time maybe 10-15min. this seems to do the trick. have a good brew!
  14. J

    best brew site

    thanks for all the suggestions I just placed an order from northern brewer. they seemed to have the best price on the ingredients I was looking for
  15. J

    best brew site

    Where is the best website to buy ingredients from. there is no brew shot in my town. Thanks
  16. J

    brown ale

    how do I access the recipe database Thanks
  17. J

    what's brewing

    I see all you guys with lists of what your brewing and drinking at the end of every post and I was just wondering how to do that.
  18. J


    I have a buddy I'm trying to help with his first batch. unfortunately I dont have a scale. he needs 2.2 lbs of sugar is there any conversion for wieght to volume? lbs to cups? thanks
  19. J

    brown ale

    yeah, help would be great if you have time. I'm very new to the whole brewing process and need to do a lot of reading. Thanks!
  20. J

    brown ale

    how bout a nut brown one. whats the name of your recipe book?