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    Yeast washing questions

    I've dove through most of the yeast washing threads on this site and finally decided to give it a try. I poured 2 quarts into my fermenter. Waited 20 minutes and thought I could see the seperation of darker trub. Lighter yeast and a small line of beer. I used my racking cane to siphon...
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    Blow off or not

    I used a blowoff tube for the first time on my last batch and I'll use one every time from now on. So much easier and stress free just running a tube for the initial fermentation
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    Nestlé pure life purified water

    Very glad to hear the positive reviews. I'm going to give it a go today on my next batch
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    Well I did it, just one concern

    Congrats and welcome to the tribe. It's never too late to start homebrewing. Unless of course you're already dead.
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    Your first?

    Irish red ale extract kit from more beer I have a whole page of notes probably describing what went wrong LOL My cooking platform failed. Had to dismantle my BBQ to make a halfass brewing burner. My phone died so I missed a hop addition. Airlock blew out. Just little things. I suggest...
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    Nestlé pure life purified water

    Has or does anyone used or use this water for brewing? My wife brought home a 5 gal jug because she hates our tap water. I tried a glass and I must say this water is delicious. It blows my tap water out of the water lol. Since I mostly do extract brews I don't think it would harm much and I'm...
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    More Beer M-80 IPA extract kit Q's

    Wondering if anyone has brewed this beer before. I purchased it a while back but did not know that it called for an addition of Oranges. I'm not into adding fruit and I'm honestly scared to do it lol. I want to know if anyone has brewed this without adding the oranges and if so, how it...
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    Screw up with OG

    I did the same thing on my pale ale batch that I'm bottling today. Took the OG after pitching. Oops Everything turned out fine for me.
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    First batch, airlock issues

    This happens to all of us. Just remove the airlock. Clean it out, re sanatize, fill and replace. No big deal. Other suggestions you are going to get will be to look into a blowoff tube. I used one for the first time on my newest batch and I have to say that I will continue to use one from here...
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    Fermentation lasting a long time

    Thanks for the replies all.
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    Fermentation lasting a long time

    So my newest batch has been bubbling for 8 days and counting. I've never had a batch show signs for more than 3-4 days. I'm seeing a burp about every 15 seconds. Not a strong one. Just enough to move the middle piece of my airlock up and let a bubble out. I did a few new things with this...
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    Refrigerating wort

    So you chilled it for 3 weeks. Then pitched yearst and ran the fermentation cycle? Everything else was the same? Weeks in fermenter, bottle conditioning?
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    Newbie questions

    Your starter kit has everything you need for a "basic" first batch. You will soon realize that you've opened pandoras box and there are numerous other things you'll want to accumulate over time. That extract kit will keep for a long time. It's airtight sealed. Just as others have said keep...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    13,447 5 gals of American pale ale about ready to bottle 5 gals of citra pale ale fermenting
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    Oxyclean vs PBW

    Pbw is market specific. Therefore it will cost more because they are targeting a specific demographic of clientele. Chemically they might be similar. Heck they could contain the exact same amounts of everything for all I know. However one is mass produced and one is target market produced...
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    Plastic carboy's. Rookie mistake

    This is more of a forewarning for those that might be new and using a plastic carboy. Bottled a couple weeks ago and cleaned out my carboy the same day. Looking at my carboy today I noticed that I melted a bit of the bottom of the carboy where the hot water from my tap was hitting. I...
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    Beer Labels

    Honestly all you need is a wire brush, hot water, a scrub pad like for dishes and some elbow grease. I bought a 4dollar wire brush from the hardware store. Dip the bottle in the water and hit it with the brush. You dont even really need to soak the bottle. Once you get most of the label off...
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    Oxyclean vs PBW

    Just like Johnmac I soaked my bottles in just hot water. I also purchased a wire brush for 4 bucks from ace hardware and had one of those yellow/green dish sponges. Had no problem getting the labels and glue off with just hot water.
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    Starter equipment

    Yea. Flat all the way across.
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    Starter equipment

    That's interesting. It looks very similar to the pot I bought for the same price.