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    bowie bottle replacement o-rings

    I was able to find a person who had the document. Thanks LLBean. Document will be posted here for anyone who needs it going forward.
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    bowie bottle replacement o-rings

    Hey folks - my bowie bottler adapter needs a set of replacement o'rings. Anyone have the pdf of the original manual of this thing? I'd like to order the o'rings and put them in proper order. thanks!
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    bowie bottler

    Hi folks, I have the bowie bottler and I can't seem to find my instructions and replacement o-ring part numbers. Can someone scan their instructions and send to me please? I see another thread in here with the part numbers but I recall there had to be a specific orientation of the orings...
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    my Frigidaire LFPH44M4LB conversion/build

    I bought the cabinet pulls from IKEA. They came with the cabinet pull and the screws. I mounted the machine screws with a washer under the top of the fridge panel. The plywood is liquid nailed to the underside of the top of the fridge panel. I used liquid nail on the plywood and top fridge...
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    Just went all me on my water report

    your water is great for the lighter colored beers. The calcium is low however. You may have to adjust the mash PH up if you do ambers/browns/stouts and russian imperials. Check out some of these spreadsheets (google them): brun water ez water calculator Kasier water calculator If you want...
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    lactic acid question

    any other thoughts?
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    lactic acid question

    My water profile: If I bought RO water I'd have a starting PH of what? 7?
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    lactic acid question

    Hi folks, I'm using the ez water calc xls file and i'm curious about the lactic acid addition. According to the spreadsheet, I need to add 5ml lactic acid to bring down my mash ph to 5.6. From what i've read, 5ml is equivalent to a teaspoon. Here's my questions (relating to the ez...
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    Is red wheat malt the same as dark wheat malt?

    So - I had this very problem today. I'm curious myself and almost wonder if the OP is brewing Jamil's Dunkle. I have white wheat I'm going to use. I'm considering toasting it in my oven to increase the lovibond from 2.4 to 9. suggestions on oven temp and time?
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    Kab4 stand Modificaation

    I had a fabricator/welder buddy of mine do this. You need to torque the wing nuts on pretty good else the shell will want to fall. I mainly made this adjustable so I can use various pots. It's the highest it can go right now because i primarily use keggles.
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    red star montrachet / temp esters?

    Hi folks, I'm about to make my 4th batch of Ed Wort's apflewein. I was wonder about experimenting with the primary fermentation temperature with the red star montrachet yeast. Does anyone have any information on the esters produced at different temps? thanks JJ
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    kab4 burner / dual propane tanks

    Yeah. For that much coin i think i'll just toss the tank in water or just manually switch to my second tank when freezing occurs. thanks for the replies everyone.
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    kab4 burner / dual propane tanks

    Hi folks, I have a kab4 burner and i've run into a situation where my propane tank freezes. I have two propane tanks and was wondering if I could draw propane from both of them to feed the single burner. Any good links to equipment out there?
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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    it's not the size of the cleaner it's the motion of the cleaner that gets the job done. it goes whirl whirl whirl
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    recommended brew stand?

    It appears i can have a single tier system with 1 pump. Is that correct? So I can transfer from HTL to Mashtun (either batch or sparge) and then pump to boil kettle?
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    recommended brew stand?

    Hi folks - I was wondering what is the recommended approach for a brew stand with the following equipment. 1) 2 x kab4 banjo burners 2) 2 x 15.5 keggles 3) 1 x 10 gallon mash tun 4) 2 propane tanks 5) 1 chugger pump I'm guessing I need a 2 level stand since i have a pump? Any great...
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    5.2 Stabilizer. Thoughts?

    if you folks are interested in a great two part podcast check out basic brewing's podcasts. Excellent detailed information about PH, water, etc. (rss feed) part 1: part 2...
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    Rectangular or Round Cooler for MLT?

    I have the homedepot 10 gallon that jafo28 suggested. Got it for 39 bucks + tax. It holds heat very well. The only downside to this it can only hold ~23lbs of grain with a grain to water ratio of 1 (and that's very full). If you plan on doing very big beers @ 10 gallon batches the rectangular...
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    Kab4 stand Modificaation

    Twanger, thanks for following up on this. Looks like it's worth the investment getting back time and fuel costs. Do you notice any instability issues with the modified burner?
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    "i taste <you fill in the blank> which is out of style" ^ but it actually is part of the style. lol or one of my coworkers "I don't drink anything homebrewed"