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    Earl Grey Mead?

    Update: I aerated up to 48 hours and stopped, since then I've had nothing but steady airlock activity, temp has been stabalized around 72. I found that I couldn't keep 68 stable in my small apartment. I never realized how much varience I had in my ambient temps. I had assumed that they would be...
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    6.5 Gallon Carboy for 5 Gallon Batch?

    As long as there is no air movement in the carboy, theoretically nothing. CO2 is more dense than O2 so it will blanket the top of your Mead preventing O2 contact. As long as your yeast is fermenting it is producing CO2, even in small amounts it would create this blanket. If your worried about...
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    Mead starter question

    I'd say your yeast went dormant when you refrigerated your starter. I'm new to brewing myself so, not sure how to proceed. I would pitch a dry yeast (properly rehydrated).
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    Earl Grey Mead?

    That clears things up nicely. So I have been oxygenating my must (which I believe is just coming out of lag phase) up to this point. Now I just let it do its thing until fermentation slows dramatically correct? And degasing will take place during secondary. BTW my OG was 1.1084 and at last...
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    Earl Grey Mead?

    Many thanks to both of you for saving me from myself. I had chosen EC-1118 because I had seen many suggestions that it was a good choice to restart a stuck fermentation which I wanted to avoid to begin with. After some math, I realized that saying I planed to back sweeten would have been a...
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    Earl Grey Mead?

    I'm new to brewing and this forum so hello everybody. This will be my first Mead (although I have aided a more experienced Brewer with beer). I saw a similar thread regarding a mint tea Mead and was wondering if anybody saw any potential problems with my brew plan? 1 gallon batch, primary ferm...