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    Another 3d Printed Stir Plate - 80mm PC Fan & PWM Controller - Link to Files

    I have seen some 3d printed stir plates floating around so I figured I would make my own rendition by remixing my stc1000 enclosure. I used an 80mm fan, pwm speed controller, and some little .7" x .11" neo magnets. Upgraded magnets And I shall call it... R2... Test Video...
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    TheHebs' Super Simple Budget Setup

    I have been brewing for about a year now, doing extracts, and some partial mashes. I have collected a couple lots of used brew gear on craigslist, and finally had most of the stuff to do all grain. I will eventually have a stand fabricated (probably in the spring) when I have the time, space...
  3. T Spin Cycle Whirpool Arm - How high in keggle?

    I am finishing up my 2 keggles for hlt and boil, and the only thing I lack is the recirculation port for the brew keggle (for whirlpooling and chilling mostly). I saw @Bobby_M post a vid on his facebook page about their new spin cycle whirlpool arm. I want it, but its currently out of stock...
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    DIY Beer Gun - keezer faucet,growler filler, racking cane?

    I have seen a lot of people making diy beer guns out of a racking cane, a rubber stopper, and a picnic tap, i.e. Could I not just use the racking cane and stopper like the other diy beer guns, but replace the picnic tap by using one of these growler...
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    Keezer is pretty much finished - Lots of 3d printed parts

    I got into home brewing about 6 months ago, and even before my first brew, I knew I didnt want to/have time for bottling. I also like building stuff, so I figured a keezer would be ideal, and a fun little project.
  6. T sight glass heat shield height

    I ordered some of these sigh glasses: I didnt order the heat shields. I dont know that I need them yet, but just in case I WILL, could someone post the height from ground level to the bottom of the elbow for the sigh glass, when using these heat...
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    Brew Stand Feedback - Lots of Questions - 3d model

    I am getting into all grain and want to build single tier stand. I found this thread with a nice diagram of a stand: I cant seem to get a response from the OP in that thread to get the .skp file (3d model) so I just...
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    Extract Recipe Scaling... Is it linear?

    So I just finished my first batch of beer a week or 2 ago... and somehow its almost all gone... :tank: Therefore its time for another brew... I purchased a lot of gear from a guy locally, and it included 3 carboys and a keggle. I didnt realize until after the fact, that the carboys are only...