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    How long should it take to carbonate a brew? Generally my batches have carbonated withing 10 days although taking longer to condition and taste good. My current batch has been bottled for 13 days and although it tastes great, has no carbonation or head. OG was 1.088 and FG was 1.022. yeast=...
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    Five gal boil in a ten gal pot?

    Has anyone done a five gallon boil on their stove using a 10 gallon pot (or how about the next size smaller?)? Is a ten gal too wide for the burner perhaps?
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    Importance of priming sugar amount.

    Hi, For my most recent batch I used beersmith to help me but didn't take into consideration its advice on priming sugar. For every batch I've made thus far I have added the standard 3/4 cup (at times I put the whole 5 oz bag) and left it at that. Palmer, Papazian, any kits I have purchased...
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    Beersmith/calories estimate

    I have Beersmith and when you plug in your recipe, where it gives the OG and FG, SRM etc it also gives a calorie estimate. Anytime I create a recipe the cals stay at 43/pint. How do you work this function....anyone? Tommy
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    Imperial IPA

    As I mentioned in my "Re-Introduction" in the intro forum I haven't beenaround in awhile and haven't brewed since last year. I was doing kits but decided to make something more in the area of my taste... a big IPA with a more full mouthfeel and lots of hop bitterness. I screwed around with...
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    Star San question

    I did a search here on the shelf life or Star San after you make a solution. The thread I found was one where the maker of Star San himself chimed in. He said that Star San should maintain a PH level of 3 to be working. He said that once the solution turns cloudy it isn't working anymore. I...
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    Cloudy beer

    I used Irish Moss chilled my wort down in about 20 minutes and still have cloudy beer. Could it be from dry hopping? Actually it's cloudy even when it's warm so it isn't even chill haze.
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    Steeping grains

    I have used steeped grains in my brews and have stepped them in 150 -170 degree water then sparged with clean 170 degree water into my brew kettle. My LHBS only steeps their grain in the water (1.5 gals) that is heating for their extract boil as that usually takes about 30 minutes or so to...
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    Relax, don't worry, have a home brew

    For those that have concerns about infecting your beer or sanitization, this should make you feel a bit more relaxed. Talk about simplicity!
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    Hot break

    I was reading a post in the beginners section and didn't want to hijack the thread, but I have a related question. The poster said he only heated his wort to what sounded like a simmer and never came close to a boil over. He was told in the replies that if it didn't almost boiled over he...
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    Racking canes and oxidation

    I was just reading an article on racking/bottling and realized something I've done on the 4 brews I've made thus far. I was reading about purging air from the hose/racking cane before siphoning. I didn't know this and have always just placed the cane in my carboy with the other end in my...
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    Dry Hopping

    I'm getting ready to dry hop and have a muslin bag a couple of marbles and my hops. The only thing I am stuck on...which seems silly the cord or what to use to suspend it. What is most common? A white shoelace, a piece of string....any string? Any special string? Fishing line...
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    Gravity readings

    Hi, The extract recipe I made last week said it would be 1.050 OG ( (FG 1.013) I did an online calc of the ingredients and it came out the same. However my OG came out to be 1.042. Here are the changes I made to the recipe but can't figure out why that would have any influence. That...
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    What would you do?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for opinions to try and get a better feel of extract brewing. This is only my 4th batch and after a few personal issues this 4th one is a year after my last. My schedule is a little odd and I have off on Wed, Sat and Sun. But, I leave for work at 9am and don't return...
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    A zen moment in brewing?

    I was watching my boil the other day and walked away for a second. As I walked back to the stove to check my boil and give a stir I was so focused on the brew that I banged my head on the exhaust hood above the stove. that popped open the cabinet above and out dropped a coffee mug. I caught it...
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    Star San shelf life

    What is the shelf life for Star San kept under the kitchen sink, 1/2 a bottle, cap on. I have one a year old....I gave it the bubble test and mixed a small amount in some water. Bubbled away!!
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    Water amout for boil

    Papazian says 1.5 gal of water in the brew pot and Palmer says three. My LHBS recipes all use 1.5. Does it make much difference? I'm brewing tomorrow and remembering my last brew at 1.5 evaporated down to almost syrup like. I was thinking of going 2 gallons or 2.5? Does it matter much?
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    Gravity and sweetness?

    I was at my LHBS yesterday and they asked how I was making out with my Oatmeal Stout. I gave them the run through and told them that I was surprised by my FG. My OG was 1.062 and after 10 days in primary where the airlock went from 2 bubbles per second to one every 70 seconds or so I racked to...
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    Fermentation temps for ales

    A bit of confusion. I have brewed 3 batches thus far. The last two were partial grain. I just received a catalog from Northern Brewer and in it it states that ales should be fermented between 60 and 72 degrees. I've read this before in other instructions. The wyeast smack pack the came with...
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    Double checking my procedure

    After brewing last Sunday and a lag time of about 7 hours I ended up with a vigorous ferment and a blow off! After I cleaned that up and put a new airlock in I was back in action bubbling away at one or two bubbles per second. Out of my three batches this has been the most vigorous. My others...