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    regulator got wet/submerged

    Hi folks. I have a canvas bag that I use to carry around my tapping stuff (hoses fittings, etc). One way or another this bag wound up in a tub of ice water. Unfortunately I had a regulator in the bag that wound up at least partially submerged in the water for several hours. I believe the...
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    WLP 802 Attenuation: Specs vs. Mini-Ferment Data

    Made a beer using White Labs' WLP 802 Budejovice Lager. The specs say the yeast should attenuate 75-80%. By my calculations, I got about 72%. Figure i could have aerated better. Also, the yeast was getting pretty close to the best-by date. However, looking at the mini-ferment data on the...
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    First Decoction - Overshot Gravity

    On Sunday I brewed a Pilsner. I decided to take a crack at a partial (crazy I know) decoction mash a'la DeathBrewer's BIAB style. Despite a few missteps along the way, I still came out about 10 points over my target gravity (which I guess is really a misstep in and of itself). Here is what...
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    Three Days for Lager Starter

    Brewing a lager. Unfortunately, due to my schedue it HAS to be brewed this weekend, which gives me three days to make a starter. I figure I have two ways to play this: 1. Ferment the starter at appropriate temps (50-55 degrees) and pitch the whole shebang on Sunday, or 2. Ferment warmer...
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    Methanol Bottle OK?

    Got an empty 1 gallon brown glass bottle from the lab at work that I think would be perfect for starters and such. Thing is, it contained methanol. I figure with a decent cleaning its got to be ok for use. What do you all think? Chris
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    Bines Everywhere!! Too Late for Cuttings?

    I swear, it feels like yesterday we were digging out from the snowfall of the decade... We've had the typical Illinois spring; we're barely out of the crummy weather and everything is already starting to grow. My schedule is kinda goofy so I haven't had the time to tend to the hops as I'd...
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    TV ALERT: Thursday 11/04/10

    Tonight on Bloomberg TV, Jim Koch will be on "The Mentor". I think the gist of the show is that he'll be helping out two aspiring entrepreneurs as they try to get a brewery off the ground. Show times are 9 and 11 PM Eastern. 8 and 10 PM Central
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    15 Gallon Batches

    So, as I'm working toward all-grain, my plan is to move up to larger batches. With 5 gallon batches, by the time I'm done sharing and all, there isn't much left. Ok, maybe 10 gallon batches. The thing is that I'd still have to split batches up between carboys. Might be weird, but something...
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    Craigslist Score = Bayou Classic

    Picked up a Bayou Classic Turkey kit off of Craigslist for 10 bucks. The pot is, I believe, the 30 quart aluminum - a little grungy but can be cleaned. The stand looks kinda like an SP10. While the burner is the high-pressure type, the stand is a little different and does not have the wind...
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    Too Late to Cut Rhizomes?

    I haven't had a chance to get out and cut any rhizomes like I had wanted. We've had some amazing weather for so early in the season. Today's high is about 80 degrees! So now I have shoots coming up all over the place - probably averaging 6 inches long or so, though some may be longer. Is...
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    Gray Foam - Damaged Kettle?

    So yesterday I decided to brew a simple extract batch. I use a 4 gallon stainless pot for my boil kettle. Normally I put it over two burners on my stove, but for various reasons I decided to try it with just one. Took a long time to get to any sort of a boil - like an hour? I had put in...
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    I'm no gardener, and while my hop plants have struggled with the overly wet weather the past two seasons, the weeds have had no trouble encroaching on my hop mounds. With spring being around the corner (let's hope), I was wondering what are some good methods of keeping the weeds at bay. I've...
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    Where to Get Maurivin Yeast?

    Apparently Superior Lager yeast has been discontinued. Dang! Maurivin allegedly packages their yeast in 15 gram sachets, but I have yet to find anyplace that carries it. Does anybody know where to get Maurvin yeast in the 15 gram sachets? I'm particularly interested in Mauribrew Lager 497...
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    Sidearm tips limp - dying?

    I said in this thread that the leaves on my 2nd year plants were curling under quite severely. I had hoped to see improvement but it only seems to be getting worse. Tips of the leaves are also turning black and dying, and the more...
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    Crystal Hops with Cascade in "APA"?

    I've got some homegrown Crystal hops I was looking to use up. How do you folks think a little Crystal will work with Cascades? Here's what I was going for: Style: American Pale Ale Batch: 5.25 gal Extract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.054 OG Recipe Bitterness...
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    Extreme Leaf Curl

    I seem to recall having this issue last year, and I think the plants eventually outgrew it. I'm just wondering what would cause the leaves to curl under so severely. Most of my plants have the issue to some extent. Aside from the curling leaves, the plants seem relatively healthy. The leaves...
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    Crud! Lost Some Bines

    My hops are in their second year and they've been doing really well, some having reached the top of my 10' trellis a week ago. I have chicken wire surrounding the mounds. I had intended to replace the chicken wire with something a little more elegant this year, but money is kinda tight. Also...
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    'Nuther Firestone Question - washers/o-rings

    I have a Firestone (or is it a Spartenburg) Challenger VI. It has the nylon gas tube and flat rubber washers as opposed to o-rings. I was looking to replace the washers. I know that Williams has the correct washers, but I've got a batch I wanted to get kegged, so I headed to the local...
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    Fermentis Saflager: s-23 vs. w-34/70

    The other day, while shopping at the LHBS for my next batch, I came across some Fermentis yeast which, apparently, the LHBS recently started carrying. I picked up both varieties of Saflager they had: S-23 and W-34/70. There appears to be a bit of information on on the W-34/70 strain...
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    First Kegging: Sound like a plan?

    Using my simple kegging setup for the first time. Finally racked from secondary last night. Since I want the beer for Superbowl Sunday, I'm a bit late for the "Set-and-Forget" method I had intended to use. After racking and purging, I set the gas to about 25 PSI. I'm planning to leave it...