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  1. MattyHBT

    will pressure cooker kill all micro organisms

    I needed a growler cap so i rummaged thru everything and found one on a empty growler in my garage, yes the inside seal was covered in mold, so i cleaned it with pbw and put it in a pressure cooker for 45+ mins, i can still see remnants of mold on it but i can be 100% certain nothing lives on...
  2. MattyHBT

    german pilsner water

    hello yall, im about to brew a german pilsner and would appreciate some critiquing on the water i plan on using, i put all the inputs into the water calculator and this is what i got, give me your opinion on what you think and if im going in the right direction, recipe is keith ciani's GOLD cut...
  3. MattyHBT

    problem with mold

    so i'm having a mold outbreak, never had a mold problem before. A few days i noticed mold growing on my keg post now im noticing mold growing in my current beers blow off container, i can even smell the mold in my ferm chamber, im about to keg my current batch in a few days hope no mold is...
  4. MattyHBT

    mold growth on keg out post

    i have a batch of beer that im letting condition at room temp and i when i drew a sample i must have forgot to wipe the post after i disconnected the QD and after about a week i noticed mold growth on the out post around the poppet, i was thinking of releasing the pressure, removing the post...
  5. MattyHBT

    multiple batches in a row are astringent

    IDK what's going on with my beers lately, they all have a nasty astringency in the back of the tongue, very unpleasant. I check my Ph and i'm always in range, i don't sparge too hot. what can be causing this? Also very one dimensional flavor and no matter what style i brew that same off putting...
  6. MattyHBT

    Keg king mk 3 co2 regulator

    I just received my new keg king co2 regulator and it has a strong rubber, machine oil smell that literally made the room stink after opening the box..Does anyone know a way to clean a co2 regulator?
  7. MattyHBT

    Stains on carboy

    after washing my carboy i noticed stains and not sure if they are water stains or residual pbw or star san anyway so i rinsed and rinsed. the stains are still there. how do you remove them? i heard vinegar but i dont have any at the moment. i think i'm just gonna sanitize and go for it? Can...
  8. MattyHBT

    adding bicarbonates and epsom salt

    Getting ready to brew janet's brown ale, so i punched in all the salts i think i will need and ended up with this water profile below which is based on what tasty mcdole recommends for this recipe. Mike's recommended water profile is: Ca 110 mg 18 Na 17 S04 350 Ci 50 bicarbonates ?(not stated)...
  9. MattyHBT

    Just want your opinions

    I have a janets brown ale kit and tasty mcdoles amber ale ale kit. I have a pack of 1056 and a pack of 1450, im trying to choose which one i want to use for each batch. I'm leaning on the 1450 for the brown and 1056 for the amber. Whats your opinion?
  10. MattyHBT

    starter for wyeast lambic blend

    Is there any need to make a starter for wyeast lambic blend? I made a 2 liter starter just out of habit but now im thinking i could have skipped the starter, is there a positive or negative affect using a starter with lambic blend?
  11. MattyHBT

    bomber bottles pressure limit?

    I want to brew a hefe and bottle it but seeing this style calls for higher volumes(3-3.5 vols) of co2 will a standard bomber bottle be able to hold the pressure? or do you need champange or belgian bottles? thank you
  12. MattyHBT

    Concentrated boil AG

    I feel like brewing a base for a lambic today but i feel lazy, my plan is to BIAB on my stove top, no sparge and get a high concentrated wort maybe 3-4 gallon volume and top up with cold water in the fermenter, i never brewed like this but considering there is not much hops going in, im sure it...
  13. MattyHBT

    "oil slick" on surface of yeast starter?

    was about to step up my yeast starter when i noticed a oil slick like appearance on the surface of the starter wort, what can it possibly be? its a lager and i dont want to take a risk, so i feel like tossing it and ordering a new pack..i cleaned and sanitized well so i think, could it be my...
  14. MattyHBT

    pitching rates question

    how much over the pitching rate of a particular beer will have a negative affect on your beer? For example say you are brewing a lager and the recommended pitching rate is 1.5m cells/ml/*p and you pitch 3m cells/ml/*p is that enough to affect the beer in a negative way? In other words when is it...
  15. MattyHBT

    90 min boil not needed for pilsner malt?

    After trying to troubleshoot a bad batch it was brought to my attention on another forum that a 90 min or even a 60 minute boil is not needed and a 45 minute boil can be employed when using pilsner malt. People also stated that a long and vigorous boil can be detrimental to flavor stability...
  16. MattyHBT

    Is yeast cannibalistic?

    If you bottle condition beer for example and store the beer for a while will the living yeast in the bottle eat the dead cells?
  17. MattyHBT

    DIY conical chilling(temp control)

    Can anyone tell me where i might find some info on how to build a cooling system for my conical? Im looking to build something that is similar/same as the system used on the morebeer cooling/heating conicals except i only need it to cool..i was trying to sell my conical but could not get any...
  18. MattyHBT

    1388 really does not like to drop out

    This has to be the most stubborn yeast i ever used, i am on day 6 of cold crash at 28-29F and only about the top quarter has cleared, some people said that 1388 dropped out fine for them in 4-5 days. well, idk what they did but for me its not dropping, i guess thats why this recipe calls for 21...
  19. MattyHBT

    o2 exposure question

    I was watching a beersmith podcast with Charlie bamforth about flavor stability and he mentioned that running "stale" beer through yeast would clean up the stale oxidized character..My current beer was exposed to o2 in the fermenter while cold crashing, even used the krausen harvester...
  20. MattyHBT

    RO system recommendations

    My next homebrew investment will be a RO water system, there are many choices out there and im not sure which one would fit my needs, looking for some recommendations..I brew 5-5.5 gallon batches and would like to start brewing at least once a week and my tenent is also a brewer so i would like...