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    Mypin TD4 mounting tabs

    I bought 3x of these pids used and they didn't come with mounting tabs. Does anyone know where to get them or another solution?
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    Bargain fittings false bottom for hop blocker

    Has anyone used thier sanke keg false bottom in a BK with a center pickup for a false bottom?
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    Sight glass for Coors keg

    Anybody have a sight glass for the bulged out coors kegs? I was thinking that a standard one with a longer coupler between the bulkhead and elbow would work. I only have coors kegs and it took me long enough to get those. Mike
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    Cleaning ball lock connectors

    I know someone did a thread on disasembling and cleaning ball lock connectors but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a link? Mike
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    Where to put temp control probe?

    I have a Ranco temp controller and I've just been taping it to the side of the fermentation vessel so that it tries to keep the beer at exactly the temp I'm looking for. My concern is that it might make the freezer get too cold and stall out the fermentation. For example, I just pitched...
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    Ebay feedback pisses me off

    Nothing frustrates me more than when I buy something from ebay, pay as soon as the auction is over and the seller waits until I give them positive feedback before they give me mine. I paid you right away, so I should get feedback right away. Mike
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    Critique my first recipe-American IPA

    It's pretty simple but it's the first one I've made off the top of my head based on past experiences. Looking for about 7% alcohol and 70IBUs with plenty of hop aroma. The 2 oz of cascades for dry hopping will be 1 oz in each keg. Recipe: The 7 IPA Brewer: Michael Strady Asst Brewer...
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    What to do with new sanke keg

    I just aquired my third 1/2 barrel sanke keg and need some ideas what to do with it other than the easy direct fired MLT and/or give it to me. I'm pretty happy with my cooler MLT so that's why I dismissed the heated MLT so quickly but it would make sense with the brewstand I'm trying to find...
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    Does the Hurricane burner need a reg with NG?

    I'm going to use Hurricane burners in my brew rig and was looking at them at Northern Brewer. They will be run on natural gas so I'll have to get the NG valves. Do I need the regulator and hose assembly as well? I wouldn't think so as NG is very low pressure in the house anyway. Mike
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    Some questions on single tier brew sculpture

    I'm tired of lifting 1/2 barrels full of wort and what not. It's time to step it up. My equipment consists of 2 keggles and a 10g plastic MLT with an SS braid. I plan to either convert my immersion chiller into a CFC or more likely just buy a plate chiller. My main question is with lautering...
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    Why not more high AA bittering hops?

    I've noticed that the high AA bittering hops are typically only used with very hoppy beers like IPAs. Why aren't they used more in lesser amounts instead of 5-7% hops like Cascades or Centennial? It would seem like you would get more for your money that way. Mike
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    Wanted-CO2 regulator

    Just looking for a simple 2 gauge reg with one or more outlets. PM me if you have one you don't need. Mike
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    Yeast starter in a 2 liter

    Has anyone done this? It should be food grade plastic. With a little Oxyclean bath and star san, I don't see the problem. I'd just screw the cap on so a little CO2 can get out. Mike
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    Has anyone ever made a fridge/freezer into one unit?

    I have a line on a standard freezer on the top fridge that I can get free or for like $20. Has anyone ever cut the floor of the freezer out to make it one big unit? Obviously I'd have to check for coolant lines, but it seems doable. I wonder if the average fridge has the power to cool the...
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    Temps after bulk of fermentation has occured

    After my ales have been fermenting in the freezer for 2-3 weeks, can I then take it out and either leave it in the primary up to about 4 weeks, or rack it to a secondary for aging at room temps? (about 70F tops air temp and sitting on cool basement floor) My motivation is that I can only fit...
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    Racking to keg, dry hopping, and conditioning schedule

    I brewed an IPA on the 10th and I want to get it out the the freezer ASAP to make room for a 10 gallon Irish red. Can I rack to keg after reaching my FG (guessing about 2 weeks max), throw in the 1oz Centennial in the SS ball, the priming sugar, and then let it sit for about 3 weeks? I'm...
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    Screwed up beer, never again.

    Well I fermented my last Irish Red upstairs where I alway do. But it was middle of the summer and the temp was off the thermo strip so I'm guessing mid 80s. After 6-7 weeks and 2-3 on the Co2, it still tastes very hot and just not very good. Could be my first batch dumped. Luckily my...
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    Need help with a Hefe recipe

    One of my first beers was an extract "Bavarian Hefe" from Midwest with the standard Muntons dry yeast. It was fermented warm (Maybe 74-76). I love it and drank it up very quick. Now I want to do an all grain Hefe. I went and bought some Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier in anticipation of using...
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    Difference between Star San and IO Star Sanitizer

    Is there a difference. I have the IO Star Sanitizer and I've noticed it looks different than the Star San pictures floating around here. Can I still use it no rinse? Mike
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    Pitching liquid yeast w/o starter

    Who does this? I know that most recommend a starter, but White Labs and Wyeast Activator both say that they are directly pitchable. I'd just like to have one less thing to do per batch, but would also like to try some of the liquid yeasts out there. Mike