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    Pressure regulator capible of over 120 PSI

    Here's a some. Just look around. They have plenty that will do 200-300 psi. You'll need to get creative on how to actually hook it up to your tank though. Also make sure your tubing is rated for the pressure. Might have to go with copper.
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    Excess foam

    How do your dip tube o rings look? I had a similar problem with bad o rings on my dip tubes. I was getting crazy foam and ridiculous amounts of gas in the line like your pic. Can't hurt to try replacing them. Lube up some new ones and don't tighten the post so much. It'll crush them.
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    Spa Panel Wiring

    Thanks! That's what I suspected but it's nice and to have confirmation when you're messing with 240 volts!
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    Spa Panel Wiring

    Okay, so here's the deal. I moved to an apartment so I'm trying to switch over to am electric fired kettle. I'm planning on running my three prong drier outlet to a spa panel, then going from the spa panel direct to a 3 prong (2 hots and a ground) heating element with a ssvr inline to control...
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    Yeast Starter No Drop In Gravity

    Title says it all. Made a 2L starter on Sunday, cooled to about 70 degrees, pitched my Wyeast 2206, and put it in my fermentation chamber. That was about 48 hrs ago, and SG is still 1.046. The wort itself is reading 50F, so it's not too cold. There's no visible sediment on the bottom, but...
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    Cloudy Star San

    Ya. I believe the alkalinity and hardness are pretty crazy over here based on strip testing. Water quality testing is a big part of my job. One of this days I'll convice the head lab tech to let me do a full barrage of QC titrations on my tap water. :D I'll like the idea of putting it in a keg...
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    Cloudy Star San

    I've used Star San for quite a while with no issues whatsoever. I just moved to Texas and bouth a new bottle though, when I noticed it got milky white when I mixed it with my new tap water. I've never seen this before, so I was wondering if anyone else had. It does not do this with bottled water...
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    Are off flavors from carbonation possible?

    I've been using the Austing Homebrew's priming sugar packets, which according to their website is corn sugar. I boil that in about a cup of water to dissolve it, cool it down, put it in the bottling bucket, and rack the beer on top of that, then use my racking cane to give it a gentle swirl to...
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    Are off flavors from carbonation possible?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced problems with nasty flavors being produce after your beer has been carbonated. I bottle carb and have been getting some nasty flavors after the beer has been carbonated. It's certainly drinkable, but not up to par. I made a stout and had no problems...
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    Can I get by with this pot?

    When I first got into brewing I bought what was advertised as a 7.5 gallon pot thinking it would be more than enough than the partial boils I was doing at the time and would be sufficient for a full boil somewhere down the line. Problem is the pot is only 6.5 gallons. It's way too late to return...
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    Did I contaminate my yeast starter?

    I feel like its important that the water bath is mildly chlorinated? About 1/4 of what would use to sanitize, but it still chlorinated nonetheless. Would that change your bet?
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    Did I contaminate my yeast starter?

    This morning I when I went to go check on my yeast starter, I found, much to my dismay that my 2 liter bottle I was using to make my starter was floating on its side in the water bath. Half the wort had spilled out. I'm positive it happened last night, fermentation was at its peak yesterday...
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    Star San?

    Thanks! That clears it all up.
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    Star San?

    Okay, so I just want to clarify something. I've read the "Don't fear the foam" post in this forum and I understand the concept, but I'm confused on the mechanism. If San Star is truly an effective sanitizer it should kill yeast, right? So at the concentrations it says on the bottle it should...
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    Fermenting Outside???

    I came across this thread but see there isn't a conclusion. Did you ever try this? I got basically the same idea this morning when I stepped outside and it was 45. This is just a cold front, but I figure by the time I'm ready to brew again it will be mid November and those temps will be pretty...
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    Can I switch fermentation vessels during primary?

    Yes, naturally I would siphon most of it. By dump I was referring to the yeast cake at the bottom. Is it important to transfer that as well, since that's where most of the yeast is?
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    Can I switch fermentation vessels during primary?

    Right now I've got an ale brewing that's taking a littler longer than I anticipated. The krausen has fallen, so the vigorous stage of fermentation is over, but the SG is still around 1.025 or so. I know if I leave it that it will get down to the right gravity, but what are you're thoughts on...
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    Temperature Control

    I'm going to be brewing a pale ale this week. I've seen the temperature needs to be held at around 65. Unfortunately its about 80 or 90 down where I am. We keep the house between 75-80, depending where you are. I was thinking about putting the carboy in a tub of water with a few water bottles...
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    Bottle Selection

    Hi guys, I've been brewing wine for a while but haven't ventured into beer for concerns of bottling. Wine can be stored in mass quantities but not so much with beer. I was wondering if I could use some old miller twist off bottles and recap those, I saw somewhere that a bench capper would get...
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    Koelsch Extract Recipie

    How did it turn out? I'd like to start a koelsch as well, any advice?