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    A-style "Slider" Keg Coupler

    I'm looking for an A-style "slider" keg coupler that is used for German kegs such as Spaten (as well as other beers). It looks like this: Please PM if you have one lying around collecting dust.
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    60 person welcome party - kegs?

    So I'm planning a welcome party for the day before my wedding and would like some advice/suggestions. The venue is 1.5 hrs away which is something that I have to keep in mind. I would like to have 4 homebrews, a commercial keg, and potentially a keg of root beer on hand (although the...
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    3 pin lock soda kegs, $15-$20/each (Rochester NY)

    I've picked up a few too many kegs and want to get rid of a few. These are all 5 gallon pin lock kegs. 1x complete Spartansburg pin lock. It will need new O-rings. $20 SOLD 1x complete Cornelius pin lock. It will need new O-rings. $20 1x incomplete Cornelius pin lock that is...
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    portable dispensing - worth it?

    In my ongoing quest to acquire more beer paraphernalia than I need, I picked up a jockey box with a single line cold plate. Is this worth keeping? I like the idea of being able to bring a keg and this jockey box to a party. But on the other hand, I hear they have their own issues and the keg...
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    Two 20#, one 10# CO2 tanks (Western NY)

    I have two 20# CO2 tanks and one 10# tank for sale that I picked up on CL a while back. In full disclosure, they definitely need to be hydrotested, are steel (not aluminum), are all empty, and one of the 20#'s has an old Coke sticker on it. I haven't had any problems exchanging them for new...
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    Hops - recommendations?

    I've recently begun this addictive journey into homebrewing and want to start crafting my own recipes by buying light DME/LME in bulk and steeping different specialty grains to achieve different ales via experimentation. My question is: what essential hops would you recommend to brew an...