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    Mini keg and maple syrup

    So I've found a lot of threads that dance around what I'm looking for but not quite it. I'm splitting my five gallon batch into four gallons in bottles and then one gallon into a 128oz mini keg. I have maple syrup on hand for priming and using the Northern Brewer calculator, I need to use about...
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    Year old all grain kit. Still ok to brew?

    So I ordered an all grain kit (black IPA) about a year ago for my first all grain batch. I ended up putting it aside due to other brews I wanted to do with plans to brew it a month or two down the road. Well, now here I am and just came across a box with all my grain in it. I've read through...
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    Which Columbus Breweries Should I Go To?

    Kind of short notice but I'll be in Columbus (Ohio) this evening and originally planned on going to the Brewery District and doing some brewery hopping but as it turns out there seems to only be Columbus Brewing Company in the area plus the World of Beer so I am looking for suggestions. Is...
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    Should I still rack to secondary?

    So I followed the Norris Farmer Breakfast Milk Stout recipe found here: I couldn't upload it directly because it is a .doc file and isn't supported, sorry. Anyway, I brewed it about four weeks ago. My initial plan was to do two weeks in primary and two...
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    Is it ok to store an extract kit until next May or June?

    So the searches brought up a few results but were typically dealing with a 1-2 month time frame so since this is more of a 7-8 month time frame I was hoping to get some experienced input. Midwest is doing a buy one get one on their winter ale and happy holiday ale. The happy holiday I was...
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    Taking vacation to Panama City - Where should I go?

    I'll be in Panama City the third week of July with my fiance and was wondering what places or attractions we should definitely check out. I found a couple bars that we'll be going to, particularly Fishale with their 65 taps, and a couple places here and there for activities but I want to make...