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    Collecting Wild Yeast

    Great article, what was the ratio for your 1 liter of sugar water? Also, how did you separated the fruit did you sterilize the equipment?
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    Tart of Darkness

    I made my TOD clone in November 14th and moved it to the 5 gallon oak bourbon barrel November 30th. On February 16, 2015, I racked it to a keg and added 1 quart of sour cherry concentrate. I did a quick taste test before adding the concentrate and it was great, both chocolate and sour. My...
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    Changing Times - One Man's Evolution With Beer

    Great article, what is the name of the eBIAB company.
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    New Jersey NJ-Equipment for Sale-PICKUP ONLY

    How old are the 6 gallon better bottles and the March pump?
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    Tennessee A419 Johnson Controller for sale

    Sorry just saw this and its sold. I need to take it down.
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    1/2BBL Brewery Build

    Interesting labels on your growlers. What did you you to create them, what paper did you print on and is that a QR code? Thanks Brent
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    Tennessee A419 Johnson Controller for sale

    No worries, my zip code is 38104
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    Tennessee A419 Johnson Controller for sale

    I have a used, a little over a year, works perfectly. Selling for $65.00 plus shipping costs. I attached a stock photo of the device.
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    Connecticut Shirron Plate Chiller

    I sent you a PM
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    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Has anyone installed Raspberry Pints using XAMPP. I installed on my macbook air (and dowloaded Raspberry pints w/o flow meters) and am getting the following error messages: Cannot write the configuration files. Please check the /includes/ folder permissions. See the RPints Installation page on...
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    Tart of Darkness

    Mine has been in the fermenter for a couple of days. Great krausen
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    Bottle conditioning using Prime Dose tablets

    I had the same problem. I will not use them again.
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    Virginia 15 Gallon Keggle

    Would you ship to 38104? If so how much?
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    Ohio 20lb CO2 Tanks $50

    What are the dates on the tanks? Would you be willing to ship to 38104, if I pay?
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    55 gal, 16500 watt RIMS/Braumeister-ish Brewery Build

    Everything looks great, keep up the good work. Brent
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    Arizona Two Keggles

    Are you sure you won't ship, if I pay for shipping to 38104? Brent
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    Tart of Darkness

    Thanks everyone. How many of you added sour cherries to ferment and has anyone added a sour cherry liquid concentrate?