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  1. Pauldoc1031

    Converting SS Brewtech kettle

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech kettle that I am using as a HLT. I wanted to convert it to electric but I am not sure what exactly I will need. I am new to electric brewing but I have people who can help me put it together safely. I just wanted to see if anyone has converted the SS brewtech...
  2. Pauldoc1031


    I'm brewing with wlp002 for the first time to make a holiday spice ale. I've read it can produce a lot of diacetyl. Anyone have a good fermentation schedule for this strain that includes a diacetyl rest. Also the best temperature for a moderately clean fermentation. I was thinking of starting at...
  3. Pauldoc1031

    HERMs system hlt build

    I recently purchased an ss brewtech 10 gallon kettle. I want to turn it into a hlt for a HERMS system I'm working on. I'm not sure which steel coil to buy to fit into that specific kettle. I also wanted to do a weldless installation and I'm not sure exactly what parts I need. Any help is appreciated
  4. Pauldoc1031

    Single Malt Sour?

    Has anyone every tried to make a single malt sour beer? I have some Redx malt and was thinking about trying to attempt a kettle sour SMaSH recipe. I can't find anything on whether or not it will really come out well. I know a lot of sour beers do not have complex ingredients but with out a...
  5. Pauldoc1031

    Butyric acid

    I brewed a berliner weiss 2 months ago. It's attempted to do a sour mash and it smelled horrific at first which I've read might not be abnormal. The vomit or butyric acid smell has decreased tremendously but it still is there a little. Now the flavor wasn't there before but will the scent go away?
  6. Pauldoc1031

    Butyric acid

    I brewed a berliner weiss 2 months ago and attempted a sour mash. I heard it supposed to stink and everything I've read speaks about an unpleasant aroma when it's done in the sour mash. The smell of vomit is subtle but it doesn't taste like it. Will the smell ever go away?
  7. Pauldoc1031

    Wild beer (experimenting with brett)

    So I was going to try and experiment with a batch. I planned on trying to make a sour with no lacto or bacteria pitched with some brett character. I planned on mashing at 160 degrees to make sure there was some complex sugars left in the wort to allow the brett to do its work. I'm still working...
  8. Pauldoc1031

    Plate chiller or no?

    Is getting a plate chiller worth it or should I stick to my immersion chiller?
  9. Pauldoc1031

    First time decoction mashing

    So today was the first time I tried a single decotion mash. I did 1 quart of thick mash per lb of grain. I ran into a problem where my decoction did not bring my mash that was sitting at 120 to 150. I did a second decoction to get it to 150. Does it hurt to take more for the decoction then less...