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    Bug Farm 5

    Guess I'll also update on the Flanders. Three gallon batch, half bottled straight half got fresh picked sour cherries for 6 months and then bottled. Will need to do a retasting to freshen my memory. Though I do remember the cherry developed acetic from too much head space in the bb. Sent from...
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    Bug Farm 5

    Been quite a while since I updated this. I turned the lambic into a 5 gallon solera. Bottled the first pull straight. Refilled with a batch prefermented with wyeast lambic blend. Pulled again 2.5 gallons onto fresh picked strawberries and racked in with beer fermented with ecy oud bruin. First...
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    All Brett RIS Attenuation?

    Have several times pitched brett straight from a wyeast to four gallons. All the beers have turned out good, so I don't believe you need to pitch at lager rates. Do agree with the attenuation, however.
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    13 gallons of unintentionally wild Brown, can I use it?.

    Other way around. The original beers would have all been sour. Those styles you listed are actually truer descendants of thge oldest beer styles. Modern pure culture has only been around for a couple hundred years.
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    sour beer experiment

    The risk is that the fruit flavors tend to fade with time. If you add them early they will fade while the beer is souring. Also, you will not be able to predict the flavor of the beer ahead and so may add a fruit that will not meld well. Maybe use the fruit for pie (or other use) and get fresh...
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    Sour beer starter - prepping for first lambic

    The bugfarm typically has an agressive saison strain in it. Have hear Al suggest a starter for it, but have only brewed five gallons with a single pitch.
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    nOOB question about hops & Lambics

    Wow, did not realize it was a necro thread. Got me good.
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    Spontaneous beer?

    Its only two gallons. Go big (long) or go home.
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    nOOB question about hops & Lambics

    Pediococcus is not inhibited by ibu's too much. Also, the aged hops maintain a good bit of their bacteriostatic properties. This is why the sourness from lambics is mostly from Pediococcus. Using aged hops is not necessary if not doing spontaneous fermentation. Just keep the ibu's low as...
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    Le Chatelier's principle and mashing

    That's not how le chatliers principle works. The concentration of the product has to be low to drive the reaction forward. In this case you are lowering the concentration of starting materials. This should in theory slow down the rate of an enzymatic reaction as the reaction velocity is...
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    Making Extract More Fermentable?

    The idea would be to remash the extract, though I imagine the enzymes would be very dilute. Then again they don't have to do much work. Theoretically it could be possible. Couldn't you just add sugar to a bgs ale?
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    Confused about starters...

    To add further I've had beers that went into the bottle with the famed pineapple taste come out a year later like an aged Orval. Also, I believ chad suggested that he pitched his Brett around an ale pitching rate. May need to go back to the Sunday session to check that one.
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    capturing wild yeast

    I found it does matter. When nights were in the forties I got fruity smelling fermentation. With nights in the sixties to seventies I got fecal smelling fermentations. Edit: forgot to say these were 'capture' temps.
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    WLP644 -Brett B Trois

    Thanks for the summary. Ordering some now thanks to this.
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    wild saison...

    Get the feeling he was talking about yeast he harvested from his surroundings.
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    Help darken my "table" Dry Stout

    Could up the roasted barley. Quick head math says you're around 5 percent. Many recipes call for ten percent. Not sure what the color impact would be as I can't do that math.
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    English based Brown

    Still too young for a tasting to see how it's coming. Has a thin pellicle but that's all I know. I do not plan on sweetening it. In my opinion the best way to do so would be in the glass or to keg it. May try in the glass once it's done and try some fruit syrups.
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    Flanders Red Recipe Feedback

    I believe they add it to thin out the beer since they back sweeten. The bugs will probably do that for you.
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    Question about Turbid Mash: Couldn't you just use direct heat?

    After all the rests it might be a good idea to do your mash out at like 190f. To simulate the hot sparge. This may not give you the exact same wort as a true turbid mash, but I think it would be better than a step infusion. Someone may chime in why this won't work or with a better idea.