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    Re-use oak spiral from cabernet

    My first search leads me to little oak flavor left, but they smell fantastic! Just like the wine. Has anyone tried reusing these in a stout or other beer? I make more beer than wine and would like to see if reusing this would be worth it.
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    Recipe Critique Please: Honey ginger IPA

    I was looking to make my first IPA and found an idea in "Radical Brewing". There was no recipe just "make and IPA and use EKG exclusively. Add 2 pounds honey and ginger to secondary." I know that it's not extremely hoppy, I want to keep this close to balanced enough for to keep peace. Looking to...
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    Orange Blossoms in beer

    Has anyone used actual orange blossoms in the boil? Would that give flavor at all? Thinking about using the blossoms from a buddy's tree after they bloom in a wheat beer. Thoughts...
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    sparkling Mead

    First batch of mead and I want to make it a sparkling. I have 2 gallons with stable gravity and crystal clear. It's been in the primary (secondary) for more than 2 months now. I'm ready to bottle but don't know the amounts of sugar I should use. I'd like to go with more honey, but since I am...
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    Oregon fruit Puree

    Does anyone put this fruit puree into the primary? How does the fruit flavor come through when you do this vs. putting it in the secondary?
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    Beginner question about stout

    I brewed a stout yesterday and noticed a considerable amount of grain that came from the steeping bag that was transferred the wert to the carboy. I didn't squeeze the bag (actually put the bag in a strainer and placed that on top of the kettle to drain while the wert came to a boil). I could...
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    Fermentability of splenda

    Does anyone know if splenda is fermentable? I don't see from a chemical standpoint why it wouldn't be. Would be worried about free chlorine though in beer....
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    Long cider fermentation?

    New to cider making but have made several batches of beer. Started fermentation on this 2.5 gallon bactch 16 days ago and it still has a kraeusen like head--if it were beer. I didn't take records of the OG but i added 2 pounds of brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar so I'm sure it's high. I used...