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    smells like nail polish remover, pretty strong.
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    Bottling while krausen present?

    I just did a biab centennial blonde. Been in the primary for 10 days now and there's a thick, creamy krausen layer on top that looks to be about a quarter inch thick that won't seem to fall. I'm thinking of just racking and bottling it, because I want to get another one going on a bit of the...
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    Early Beer Tasting

    So.. I decided to drink a couple green beers just for fun. I bottle condition, after 3 days I opened a bottle and it was barely drinkable. Strong astringent taste, little to no head. Tonight is day 6, still a faint astringently taste but definitley more drinkable, drank the whole thing...
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    clouded tubing with oxy clean

    After infecting my last batch I filled my primary and threw in my equipment with a little too much oxt clean (probably half a cup into 5 gallons). I rinsed everything a few times and got the smell out (its original oxy clean) of everything. My tubing doesn't smell but it looks cloudy now, should...
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    Jiro Dreams of Sushi

    Hey everyone, I'm still new to homebrewing (less than a year, a couple biabs and extract kits under my belt) .. but I watched the movie in the title Thrusday and it instantly made me want to brew right away. It's a little hard to get your hands on, but it's a really good documentary. My last...
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    infection or .. ?

    Same batch, washed the bottles the same. About half have stuff floating on top that seems greasy or slimy almost. Two weeks in primary and about 1.5 in the bottle now. Thoughts?
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    Waxy residue on top of beer

    Hey everyone, Sad news, I think I have an infection. Beer was in the primary for a couple weeks, noticed a waxy residue floating on top. In the bottle there is stuff forming on the top, also waxy. They've only been in the bottle 10 days or so, I cracked one the other night and it tasted...
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    Air in the auto siphon

    Hi everyone, Just had my first go at batch priming, siphoned from the primary to the bottling bucket with a couple issues, but overall pretty well. I noticed some bubbling near where my 3/8" hose connected to the inner tube, and I'm wondering how harmful this is to the beer. Also when...
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    Siphoning clean beer

    Hey everyone, It's looking like there's hop matter in my primary that isn't falling. I was thinking of sanitizing my biab-bag and wrapping that around my auto siphon to keep the hop junk out of my bottling bucket. Good idea / bad idea?
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    non food grade bottling bucket

    Hey everyone, I'd really like to siphon from my primary to a bottling bucket so I can batch prime. Will I run into any problems using a plastic non food grade bucket from the home depot?
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    Boiled off a little too much

    Hey everyone, I did my second AG biab just now. I was shooting for a 3 gallon batch as I did 5.5 my first time and mashed WAY too hot and it's fairly undrinkable right now after a couple months in the bottle. Anyways I measured out 15L (4 gallons), mashing went great, got a 60 minute...
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    Splitting Ingredients

    Hey everyone Right now I have 10# MO, 3oz ekg, and a pack of s-04. I was going to use it all in a 5.5 gallon smash but I'm considering doing two ~3 gallon batches instead. To better focus on hitting temperatures and such, my last batch was my first ag biab and my temperature was way too high...
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    BIAB came out very sweet

    Hey everyone, I did my first BIAB a couple months ago and mashed the grains way too hot (around 170-165, got it down after ~10 minutes or so) and the beer I'm drinking now is really cloudy and sweet. I did 10# MO with 2oz EKG for a 5 gal batch. I'm thinking of doing this recipe again...
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    BIAB - Mashed too hot, high FG?

    Hey everyone, I did my first BIAB on the weekend. Was a ton of fun :) I did 10# MO with ekg 1oz 60 / .5oz 15 / .5oz 5 Put the grains in at 170, temperature didn't drop much at all. Was around 165 for a few minutes, iced it, got to mid 160's for about 45 minutes. I underestimated...
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    Massive pot, garbage stove :(

    So I bought a huge pot (40 quart) but found that my stove isn't able to get more than a few gallons up to any sort of rolling boil. I'd like to do BIAB batches, possibly smaller batches (finishing around 3 gallons or something) as I don't drink a ton. I've been doing 5 gallon extract batches...
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    Infected Batch

    Reeked of nail polish remover.. left it in the primary nearly 8 weeks because I went away and forgot about it. after 4 weeks it smelled and looked fine but I went to bottle it and it smelled exactly like nail polish remover, very strongly (I gagged a little) so I dumped it. There was also some...
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    ~8 weeks in primary

    Hi everyone, I've left an epa extract kit in the primary for about 8 weeks, went on an unexpected trip and haven't had time to bottle it. Anything I be aware of for bottle priming? (A little more, a little less dextrose?) Does it matter? Thanks :)
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    Hop matter in suspension after 10 days

    Hey everyone, I brewed up a recent apa extract kit, put it in the primary on the 28th. There's a little hop matter and foam on the top but I'm seeing a lot of hop matter in suspension in the top 2-3 inches of the primary (I use a coopers fermenter). I overshot the water and it's at 25L...
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    losing carbonation when beer gets too cold

    hey everyone, i brewed a batch of beer and bottled them in brown bpa screw top bottles. Left them to carbonate for about 2.5 weeks and popped one in the fridge. when the bottle went in it was firm to the squeeze, however after it was chilled for a day the bottle was notably squishier and the...
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    Austin Homebrew Kits

    Hey everyone, Right now I'm buying coopers kits and adding in a few pounds of DME and so far am liking it, however it's running me about $35 for the can/DME/priming sugar. I'm thinking of ordering this from AHS...